Keylock Cops 3 Months For Positive Swab

In stark contrast to the $500 slap on the wrist handed out to after Tasman Queen's positive swab in 2007, South Australian greyhound trainer has been disqualified for three months for the same offence.

Keylock was called to at headquarters after his greyhound returned a positive swab to Guaifenesin at a coursing meeting in early October 2009.

On the day in question Fantuzzi competed in and won the final course of race seven at the coursing meeting.

The Greyhound racing South Australia stewards inquiry was held yesterday and Keylock was charged with a breach of the GRSA Of Greyhound Racing R83 which reads:

    R83 Greyhound to be free of
  • (2) The owner, trainer or person in charge of a greyhound-
    • (a) nominated to compete in an Event;
    • (b) presented for a satisfactory, weight or whelping trial or such other trial as provided for pursuant to these Rules; or
    • (c) presented for any test or examination for the purpose of a period of incapacitation or prohibition being varied or revoked

    shall present the greyhound free of any prohibited substance.

  • (3) The owner, trainer or person in charge of a greyhound presented contrary to sub-rule (2) shall be guilty of an offence.
  • (4) A greyhound presented for an Event contrary to sub-rule (2) shall be disqualified from the Event or any benefit derived from a trial or test.

Keylock pleaded guilty to the charge and was suspended for a period of three months effective from midnight 23rd November 2009.

Stewards acting under rule R83(4) disqualified Fantuzzi from the event and amended the placings accordingly.

This result of this latest stewards inquiry is sure to be more than cause for concern for leading Victorian greyhound trainer Graeme Bate who is due to face his own South Australian stewards inquiry for a positive swab on the 7th December 2009.

While many are tipping Bate will only receive a $500 fine and lose the race in question due to the positive, the fact GRSA Stewards have imposed a 3 month disqualification in this case for a substance which had previously only attracted a $500 fine in Victoria could be seen an ominous warning.

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