Moncrieff Fined For Misconduct

Greyhound () concluded their inquiries into an alleged incident said to have occurred in or around the car park area of the Greyhound Racing Club.

Evidence was taken over two days of hearings on 29 February 2012 and 15 May 2012 from trainer Mathew Moncrieff, Lincoln Moncrieff, trainer Bruce Mackie and trainer Warren Kelly, as well as from GRNSW officials and Craig Pringle.

The evidence disclosed was that Mr Moncrieff had engaged in a verbal confrontation with Mr Hynes in the car park of the Maitland track on 8 December 2011, with the use of foul language detailed in a subsequent charge of under GAR 86 (o).

Mr Moncrieff was charged by correspondence and was asked to answer the charge of misconduct via correspondence. Absent an entry of submissions, Mr Moncrieff was directed to attend at a hearing this week.

Mr Moncrieff withdrew a not guilty plea entered relative to the charge and declined to enter any plea. After further submissions in relation to the charge, he was found guilty of the charge in relation to his behavior in the vicinity of the public car park. After considering submissions on penalty he was fined $300.

In determining penalty, stewards took into account Mr Moncrieff's record of having no previous conduct related breaches in some 14 years of registration, notwithstanding a previous breach of the prohibited substance , the nature of the offence on this occasion, previous penalties in relation to misconduct and the particular circumstances giving rise to the incident.

He indicated an intention to appeal the decision.

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