Live CFA Updates On Australian Racing Greyhound

As a service to the Victorian Greyhound Racing community we have implemented Live CFA Bushfire Updates on the website to help those interested stay informed of threats and alerts.

Please be aware that we strongly advise anyone residing in areas likely to be directly affected by fire to listen to local ABC radio for up to the minute fire warnings or to visit the official CFA website for updates and warnings.

This service is only designed to help alleviate the heavy loads currently being experienced on the CFA website, and to give those not directly involved an alternative avenue for staying up to date without impacting upon the CFA website; which is desperately needed for those under impending fire threat.

Please be aware we do not offer this as any replacement to CFA website advice and our feed will only update every 5 minutes, hopefully it will help reserve the CFA website and its traffic for those that only truly need it.

As always we advice anyone likely to be impacted by bushfires to abide by CFA guidlelines.

You can access the CFA Updates and Advice feed here : Australian Racing Greyhound CFA Updates.

We will continue these updates as long as the Victorian Bushfire Crisis lasts.

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