Local MP’s Join Sandown’s Ladies Night Of Greyhound Racing

Mordialloc MP Lorraine Wreford and Carrum MP Donna Bauer are encouraging ladies to join them for a ladies night on Thursday 28 February from 6.30pm.

The MPs are the patrons of Greyhound ’s ‘What a girl wants’ Ladies Night at , which is the final event in the Go The Pink Dog fundraising series for the McGrath Foundation.

The Go The Pink Dog program runs throughout February. Every time a greyhound wearing the pink number 8 wins their race, $500 is donated to the McGrath Foundation to help them place Breast Care Nurses in communities across .

Ms Wreford said “I invite ladies to join us in support of this worthwhile cause, and to have a night of glamour, greyhounds and fun. There will be an array of activities and entertainment for those who attend.”

“This event supports breast cancer awareness. Putting more Breast Care Nurses into the community will make people more aware of prevention techniques, what to look for, and how to respond,” Ms Wreford said.

Ms Bauer said “Over the past three years, this program has raised more than $225,000 for the McGrath foundation. It is on track to raise well over $50,000 again this year.

“The State Coalition Government along with Greyhound Racing , and the Sandown Greyhound Racing Club are very heavily supporting this event. There will be a lot of entertainment and fun, and it promises to be an event not to be missed,” Ms Bauer said.

Minister for Racing said he was pleased to support the event with funds from the Raceday Attraction program.

Dr Napthine said “The Coalition Government has the Raceday Attraction program, which uses money from racing industry sources to encourage new patrons onto racetracks around the state.

“We all know that racing is worth over $2 billion a year and 70 000 jobs across all three codes. It is a vital industry for the Victorian economy. If we can expand racing, we will all benefit in terms of jobs and the economy,” Dr Napthine said.

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