Logan greyhound track plans officially scrapped

QUEENSLAND greyhound racing has been dealt a blow with plans for a new track in the south of Brisbane canned.

The 10 hectare block at Slacks Creek in Logan has now been promised to local council for redevelopment, with $6.6 million pledged to help build a community centre.

The track was to be the third in the South East Queensland, and a beacon of hope for the racing community, but it drew harsh criticism from opponents to it, who said it would contribute to an already high level of problem gambling and animal cruelty.

Queensland Racing Minister Grace Grace confirmed that the location would never be considered for greyhound racing again moving forward.

“As Racing Minister I just want to confirm that Cronulla Park will no longer proceed as a greyhound racing track,” she said.

“Racing Queensland were very keen to ensure that when we do build facilities for the racing industry it would be in an area that would welcome those facilities.

“Racing Queensland is currently working on a five-year infrastructure plan that includes additional facilities for the racing industry but I can categorically say Cronulla Park will no longer be used for Racing Queensland.

“We are looking forward to some world class facilities being built here.

“The community of Logan are the real winners with this decision.”

The Mayor of Logan Luke Smith, who has been an outspoken opponent of the Cronulla Park greyhound track, said he was pleased with the decision and considered it a boost to his community.

How the tables have turned on the industry since 2012, when then Racing Minister Tim Mulherin announced the track would be built, a decision ratified by Racing Queensland in September 2013.

“What this announcement signifies is elected representatives from two levels of government listened to the voice of the people,” Smith said.

“The people were overwhelmingly telling us they did not want greyhounds in Logan.

“I am so happy that greyhound racing in Logan is well and truly muzzled.

“It will not be happening. The end has now been signified.

“I would like to see a multi-sports complex there, something that we can offer our residents to get them out and involved in training or recreation of their choice.”

Animal welfare parties were also rejoicing at the Logan announcement, with Liberation Queensland quick to sink the boot into the greyhound racing industry.

“This is a great victory for people power,” the statement read.

“We congratulate the Queensland government and the Logan City Council for making this decision at last, and we hope that this is another nail in the coffin of the greyhound racing industry.”

Logan was first touted as a potential site for greyhound racing more than eight years ago, with Greyhounds Queensland commissioning a survey of Cronulla Park back in January 2009.

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Past Discussion

  1. Gotta laugh , the mayor of Logan City has never supported a track at Logan and his argument   for no  track,  was Social  Ramifications,  that greyhounds would bring more  problems to Logan, such as gambling and animal welfare issues. Well Mr Luke Smith i hope the 6 million for YOUR Community Center will help with the Social problems in Logan that are out of control ,Such as alcohol abuse,high drug abuse, domestic violence and youth violence,and a over run of feral cats and stay dogs and they are not Greyhounds ! Now you, Mr Luke Smith have the Audacity  to condemn 99% of Greyhound owners who put their greyhounds welfare first before they gamble  with a couple of dollars on their dogs and there are many that gamble nothing on their dogs , i find you so hypocritical  in your approach to issue of a Greyhound Track in your town in which after 9 weeks I was glad to get out of such a grubby town after been threaten by junkies thugs asking for money i was off and gone and if that’s what your got to offer for a greyhound participant maybe it was better to go else where. I meet some really nice people in Logan  while i was there and I,am glad  i never meet you Luke Smith maybe you should have had a look at the Cessnock Community Greyhound Track here in NSW that caters for all of the community needs  not just greyhound racing. The Governments in Queensland over the last ten years have no idea whats best for Queenslanders when it came to Greyhound racing and this is just another example of no idea whats best for the state . One would think what happen to Baird.in NSW re Greyhound racing would be lesson to governments around Australia but not the LNP& LABOR parties in Queensland . In NSW  we are thankful for the Shooters Fishers& Farmers party  along with Labor  and  Rev Fred Nile from CDP to the fight to the Government on the issue of the Ban on greyhound racing in NSW ,The seat of Orange was held by the NATS since 1947 with a 70% majority at the last state election and with the By-Election there in November they lost the seat  with a massive swing against them, they thought no one would care about the Greyhound Ban and the Council amalgamations but they DID. Maybe at the next LGA elections in Logan City the community will judge Luke Smiths as a failure to look after all of his community, and as far as the Animal welfare are concern, I ask  what are they doing about the 30 million Feral cats and over 8 million wild dogs destroying our native wildlife, maybe they are to busy practicing  BESTIALTY which they believe should be a part of our life style, we wonder how many barks and meow means  NO ? some people are just SICK with no cure for them !

  2. BobWhitelaw Solving the problem of feral cats and dogs is difficult and no one has a solution.  Even going out there and trapping and shooting them has no effect.  So I don’t see what that has to do with this scrapped greyhound track.  I also have no idea why you’re talking about bestiality.  Who supports bestiality?  The greatest number of animals being raped by humans can be found in animal agriculture where they restrain them and artificially inseminate them against their will, or stick an anal probe in the males and jerk them off.  That’s bestiality.  I’m not aware of any other bestiality taking place or being advocated for.

  3. Todman He’s been touring with Peter Singer an advocate for Bestiality ,Hugh you sound like a leader from a Church and that child sexual abuse didn’t happen! how do you know you weren’t artificially inseminated ? you poor excuse for a human  go an pedal your Bull Sh*t else where.

  4. BobWhitelaw Todman Clearly you missed the part that the community of Logan didnt want the race track.

    As for bestiality, wasn’t it a greyhound trainer that was caught for jerking off a greyhound?

  5. This is a good call there is no way I would take my greyhounds  to grubby Logan- heavens my girls would be outraged. Too rough for my girls. I doubt they would get out of the dog trailer.

  6. I saw one rent a crowd protest – the usual middle aged housewives, all dressed in tracky dacks over Macca enhanced hips screaming that it would lower the property values of their town. I couldn’t stop laughing. The Logan Bogan Ladies all worried about property values. Perhaps they could spend their time protesting about youth unemployment in their area – you know – something useful. Employment might help with the drug, alcohol and domestic violence issues as well – now all that definitely lowers property values.

  7. BobWhitelaw Deborah555  Daring to suggest greyhound people would lower the tone of the neighbourhood- delusional really. The greyhound community in the country town I live in put ten million through the town annually which the town thinks is very useful.

  8. The Queensland govt has learned nothing from the ‘Baird Grant fiasco’, interfering in peoples lives.

    It’ll be fun watching this unfold, down down down.

  9. So the answer is no, you can’t. You claimed he advocates bestiality. No where in that article is a quote where he advocates bestiality. You lied. Why did you lie?

  10. Hugh_  he certainly doesn’t stand on his soap box and say it shouldn’t even be contemplated. he has a half way bet,so does he have an inner self guiding his real thoughts away from involving himself in animal sex?…protecting his real thoughts? prove to me he doesn’t have those thoughts based on his quotes in that article!!!!

  11. Hugh_  now on ADVOCATING………

    ”One of the reasons I put so much emphasis on philosophical ethical arguments is to ensure that my own actions are always consistent and true to what I believe, and that I do not violate my own ethics by reacting emotionally”……..bit hypocritical HUGH me boy.

    calling someone a liar is not over reacting?????one needs to be careful when attacking someone as a liar,and pretending to be so glossy in condition themselves….satin black more like.

  12. Hugh_  LOGIC….SAYS WHO?

    biased one sided opinions fraternised with words that impress you only.one only has to start reading your comments,or anyone else who attempts to impress with big sentences,loses the audience straight away. speak the right speak…not impressing anyone HUGH.


  13. John Tracey Hugh_ Sorry John, thought your comment was from Bob.  My challenge to Bob, or anyone else, remains.  Find one quote where singer advocates for bestiality.  Because many of you say all the time that he does, and it’s a lie.

  14. spyman Hugh_ It was a mistake.  I thought it was a comment from Bob, I apologise for accusing John of being a liar.  I maintain that Bob is a liar, because he’s claiming that Singer has said something that he never did.

  15. spyman Hugh_ He is a consistent utilitarian.  His position is that if no one is harmed then it isn’t unethical.  Which is why he says that if an animal has consensual sex with a human it’s not immoral.  This is not the same as encouraging, advocating, or in anyway condoning bestiality.  It’s not the same as saying bestiality should be legal either.  He was asked the question, he gave the utilitarian answer.

    Do you disagree?  Do you think it’s immoral for a human and an animal to have consensual sex?  If so why?  And if you think that’s immoral, why do you think it’s ok for a farmed to rape an animal against it’s will with a metal rod?  That doesn’t make any sense.  And that’s the whole reason singer talks about bestiality, to point out the inconsistent morality around treatment of animals.

    Prove to you that he doesn’t harbour secret sexual thoughts about animals?  What a stupid thing to say.  Prove that you don’t, you can’t prove or disprove what thoughts are in a person’s head.  That’s like religious people that assert god exists and then tell you to prove he doesn’t.  It’s a logical fallacy.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argument_from_ignorance

  16. Hugh_ spyman No problem, Singer is controversial in the wider world as well and it would be a stretch for any regional or Metropolitan centre to be able to build a new greyhound facility in the current climate irrespective of regional development merit.

    The Logan Issue goes back to 2008 when the Greyhounds at Parkland (Gold Coast) were closed to make way for hospital extensions. The compensation offered to the greyhounds was million  and the cost of the replacement of the complex (as a one code establishment)was million. The Parkland complex that was half shared by the dogs and the harness saw the closure of the Harness section in 2013 to accommodate an athletic village. The harness commenced action to sue the Government for million compensation.

    The recent offer of Government to the Logan adventure was million and no provision for any development of other regional community associated developments.

    The Australian Racing Greyhound report from the past is interesting and the prompt appears below.

    The problem at Logan is that the regional development grant by Government of .5 million is  inadequate on any scale whether it would be connected to a greyhound partnership or whatever.

    A better model of funding for regional development of funding for Logan would be the Redfern Park model involving million in grants.

    The other object lesson for greyhound racing in NSW is if you want to push further with centres of excellence use what you have got better or build them in Rural Areas with marginal seat funding.


  17. Hugh_ spyman  ,,,,there u go again.stop trying to be a power person.speak for sure,but stop being a bombastic over rider.

    your TYPE,yes u are a classified type, get a fright once in your life by watching edited cruel movies,then become radicalised by thoughts impregnated by some who think they own the world,and then u become a power over rider because your fright has AWAKENED U!!!!,,,,,,,

    your today thoughts were created by others. u did not have a choice ONCE you were chosen and targeted by these GURUS of wisdom. types of people,like the KKK once radicalised,no longer have an idealistic image of what real life is all about. I eat meat and vegan…..,,,,, but I still see both sides of any arguments. but I walk away content with my sayings and my thoughts. are you?,,,,,,,,

  18. Hugh_ spyman  crikey,you have some proide in that body of yours. well done and I applaud you for that.

    SINGER is not a morals person. be honest HUGH, a normal person would refrain from even saying what he has been stated . you either agree or disagree,but you do not fence sit as in todays world,you will be labelled as ONE OF THEM….and he is ONE OF THEM.



    but don’t go ripping sentences apart and taking my sarcastic remarks as a gospel.you came on here wanting proof….I have supported my team mates as asked you the same. prove it.ok for you to ask,but not same when we ask. double dipping there HUGH.

  20. John Tracey Hugh_ spyman  JOHN, from what I understand and hear and read about,LOGAN is not the ideal place to take such a project to.it is supposedly a more ‘backwards’ suburb that is tarnished,and does not need a PACKER TYPE influence,meaning gambling and buildings to gamble,brought into the suburb.

    I agree,use what you have,immprove them if possible,remove if not,and follow the path being set.

  21. spyman Hugh_ There’s a difference between asking for evidence to support an assertion and making an assertion and then claiming it’s true if no one can provide evidence against it.

    If you don’t understand the difference, google burden of proof and do some reading.  The burden of proof lies with the person making the truth claim, not the other way round.  It’s really a very basic and fundamental concept.  You don’t claim something, and then it is considered true until someone can disprove it, by that logic you can claim anything and have it considered true.  Do you really not understand this?  I’m asking in all seriousness, is this a confusing concept to you?

  22. spyman Hugh_ But he’s not fence sitting.  His position is perfectly clear and consistent.  No harm no foul, that’s the utilitarian position.  Do you understand what utilitarianism is?

  23. spyman Hugh_ I find it amusing that you accuse me of being radicalised and not thinking for myself, yet you offer no actual counter-arguments, nor can you articulate your position without resorting to dishonest claims and character assassination.  If you’re such an independent thinker, and I’m such an unthinking sheep, how come I can argue my case and all you can do is mash hysterically on the keyboard like some triggered child?

    What are you actually trying to argue?  Make a coherent point.

  24. John Tracey Hugh_ spyman Yes he’s controversial but only because people get triggered and start frothing at the mouth before they’ve actually understood his arguments.  Take for example all the people saying that he advocates for bestiality.  You hear this all the time.  But he’s never once said this.

  25. Hugh_ spyman  not at all,not to me. but as JOHN stated,SINGER leaves himself open for confrontation.

    no normal,healthy living human would even contemplate suggesting what he does.its not normal,without a doubt being cast on his authenticity of thoughts.his mind may be brilliant in some aspects,but keep it within normal boundaries.i mean,who really cares what he says! but because he chose to vent his opinion on a subject,a very delicate subject,his replies,as I said,left himself wide open. I comprehend that.but I am normal.

  26. Hugh_ spyman 


    noun: utilitarianism

    1.the doctrine that actions are right if they are useful orfor the benefit of a majority.

    1.the doctrine that an action is right in so far as itpromotes happiness, and that the greatest happiness of the greatest numbershould be the guiding principle of conduct

    promotes HAPPINESS if its right? SO screwing a dog as longas it brings happiness(to who) is ok? come on HUGH,get away from barnstormingand protecting a weirdo. get back to laying s… on dog people.huh!

  27. Hugh_ spyman  so u say HUGH,so u say. keep typing,must be your day off today? come on here and victimise anyone,cop some come-back.where were u when BAIRD wimped out? noted by your absence.only back on because you fools had a minor victory.

    come on daddy of the sentence,where were u?????

  28. Hugh_ John Tracey spyman  again,read my lips…..he don’t disagree with it.in todays,that means u r guilty by association. you of all people are used to using that term.

  29. spyman Hugh_ John Tracey I wish I had the time to stay on this thread. I recently obtained the Australian National Dictionary second edition (Australian Words and Their Origins and there were 103 codified in some form Aboriginal Languages. A meeting of different aboriginal tribes in conference sees the speakers all broadcasting  their speeches in different dialects and the audience only hearing the dialectic they recognise.

    People appear to be doing to me is putting forward a debate using the idiom (words have a cultural meaning different from the codified or dictionary meaning. 

    The greyhound have  language of their own and it practically one liners or sometime one word. When one of the posters made the remark he hoped the next Minister for Racing would not be a” leftie” like the last one, I think most of the greyhound community would have heard and understood that it meant that he had been seduced by the chattering classes. 

    The science involved with reasoning assists the grass root bottom up approach to the various reforms particularly if you apply the rules to Administration from the top down in relation to the special commission of inquiry and the attempt to make the Logan issue a class down to up grass root matter.

    The welfare interests both internal and external to greyhound racing administration and the good citizens and the politicians for that matter should not be treated as a stereotype any more than the greyhounds should  not have been.

    There is a strong case that the inclusion of greyhound racing and other amenities at Logan would lessen the drift of income from the local community that is the poker machine capital of Queensland.

    If the Government wants to solve the leakage of income in Logan from gambling it would be logical to shift all the poker machine clubs into areas where the residents can afford the spend and use the taxes to support the poorer areas rather than the other way around.

  30. He leaves himself open in the same way that someone who criticises Islam leaves themselves open to accusations of racism from peoplentoo ignorant to distinguish between religion and race. You can never prevent people from misquoting, misinterpreting and misrepresenting your arguments. The only way to do that is not make any. That’s what political correctness does, makes topics off limits and shuts down discussion. If you want to have difficult but important conversations you can’t worry about the politically correct brigade, which you are part of it seems.

  31. You think it’s ok for a farmer to rape an unwilling animal with a metal rod because eating meat brings you happiness. What’s the difference? The difference is that in one scenario someone gets hurt. Why do you keep avoiding the question of why you condemn consensual bestiality where no one is hurt but condone non-consensual rape of animals in agriculture? Is that contradiction too difficult for you to contemplate?

    This is the whole point singer is making. Are you unable to comprehend it and respond to it?

  32. Hugh_

    Hugh_  I thought you made an honorable retreat after the Baird backflip when i suggested we were both essentially on the same page with animal cruelty.  However without being patronizing you seem to be a lot more stressed now than last time.

    I am wondering, since you’re on the other side what the next move is going to be given that no political party would touch the greyhounds with a barge pole, they would probably prefer to pretend we don’t exist, (except the greens).  The activists have gone on to the next project, probably back to America to join the Anti-Trumps.

    So what about it Hugh_  What can we expect,  (no more hidden cameras)?

  33. Hugh_ The lead article encourages the class divide and the posts follow accordingly. The issue of extreme views on animal welfare and the logan population stereotype are as wrong as the stereotype of greyhounds.

    In my view the philosopher provokes thought (as he should do in his seat) causing debates amongst other eminent peers so it is a hard task for outsiders to assess what he is saying.

    My favourite quote (contained in the prompt below goes like this.

    You start up with a position everyone accepts and you end up with a situation nobody believes.

    If you look at both sides of the divide I m sure that the confusion of peers will reflect in confusion generally, My point is that the debate is at best barely tangental and risks a more productive focus.

    But of course, there always should be the freedom of people and avatars to converse with each other anyway they like.


  34. Hugh_ Hi Hugh

    Please go to Youtube and search for”for love of animals Peter Singer” and feel free to watch the 3:50clip posted by abcqanda and hand on heart tell me that he does not advocate forbeastiality in this clip via definition of both words.


    A person who publicly supports or recommends aparticular cause or policy.

    A person who puts a case on someone else’sbehalf

    To publicly recommend or support.

    To; approve of, support, back, stand up for,speak for, argue for, lobby for, urge, endorse, and so on.


    Sexual relations between a human and ananimal.

    Yep I think there are more than a couple ofthese evidenced in this interview. Remember there only needs to be one of thesewhich fits the criteria for Peter Singer to be classed as an advocate.

    Could be time to admit your advocation forPeter Singer on this topic is astray.

  35. spyman Hugh_ You are both debating ethics and in this case bioethics and the founder of this was Peter Singer published in 1975. A continuing discussion on ethics is extremely helpful to any cause involving good faith.

    The interpretation of Singer has been a constant study at universities and the flagship for animal welfare movements. What is happening is that this current debate is about what various sides of the fence interpreting what Singer is saying in their own interests, so the debate is containing extreme interpretations both ways.(Singer appears guilty of pontificating on non tangental issues to his theories, but this is not a crime in his field).

    The above discounts a lot of the good ethical propositions put forward by Singer and his Peers that are not subject to demonising (either way).

    I meant to copy Spyman in the recent prompt I sent to Hugh and I am doing it now. The prompt in someways supports what both of you in some ways.

    The special interest to me reading the prompt was.

    The proposition that revenge should not be sought. (an object lesson in my view, for the public servants overreach in writing executive summary on submissions to the special commission after they were shown ABC videos),


    The proposition relating to species favouritism.

    There must be some advantage to greyhound racing that both humans and canines have each a common ancestor. This allows all humans to breed with each other irrespective of race as the situation applies to all canines.

    The tenant that humans are not responsible for reducing the cruelty between animals themselves is a mute point.