Million Dollar Chase moves from regional to city qualifying greyhound races

The 2023 Million Dollar Chase (MDC) city qualifiers will take place at Wentworth Park on Saturday night.

The MDC city qualifiers event will determine the final 64 greyhounds competing in the Million Dollar Chase Semi Finals at Wentworth Park on October 6.

There will be a maximum of 12 semi-final berths available through the city qualifiers.

Already, there have been 52 greyhounds qualified through the 2023 National Sprint Championship final and 16 regional qualifying finals held across NSW.

Eight MDC city qualifying heats will be held on Saturday night, with the eight winners and four fastest seconds set to advance to the semi-finals and join the 52 greyhounds already semi-final qualified.

Of the 52 greyhounds already in the 2023 MDC semi-finals, 19 are trained or predominantly raced outside NSW.

And the interstate raider trend will continue on Saturday night, with 12 of the 61 greyhounds engaged in the Million Dollar Chase city qualifiers trained outside NSW.

The opening heat of the MDC city qualifiers will set the tone for the night with a hot matchup between Anthony Azzopardi's 2023 Black Top finalist, Head The Charge, John Finn's 2023 Vic Peters Classic winner, Zipping Remus, Ray Smith's 2023 runner-up, Bella Una, and 2023 champion, One Hot Bandit, for Andy Lord.

Across the other seven heats, Jason Thompson's recent Dapto Megastar finalist, Stealth, will be engaged, along with Queensland star Jay Is Jay, 2023 Group 2 victor, Dundee Rebel, Queenslander Adulate, 2023 National Derby placegetter, Go Bears, and the 715m winner, Zipping Orlando.

Greyhounds who qualify through the Wentworth Park city qualifying heats will join the 2023 Million Dollar Chase semi-finalists back at Wentworth Park on October 6.

NSW greyhound trainer Michelle Sultana currently leads the 2023 MDC training honours, with three greyhounds qualifying through to the semi-finals.

Victorian trainers Jason Thompson and are next best, with two greyhounds qualified each.

While Sultana doesn't have any greyhounds engaged in the MDC city qualifiers, Thompson will start Stealth, and Delbridge will start Cawbourne Domino and Yachi Bale in an attempt to equal Sultana at the top of the leaderboard.

You can read the full Million Dollar Chase series schedule here: 2023 Million Dollar Chase Schedule

2023 Million Dollar Chase Semi Finalists

    2023 National Sprint Championship

  • Saige Tenniele T: Kody Charles (WA)
  • Aussie Rocks T: Geoff Mitchell (VIC)
  • Tinker Norm T: Craig Burns (VIC)
  • T: Jason Thompson (VIC/NZ)

    Goulburn Regional MDC Final

  • Fire Hose T: Dave Geall (VIC)
  • Time Chariot T: Glen Summerfield (NSW)
  • Taw Commander T: Andrew Rhodes (NSW)

    Taree Regional MDC Final

  • Nora's Boy T: Shaun Guthrie (NSW)
  • Sunshine Lily T: Mitchell Jobson (NSW)
  • Weffalee Shield T: Tony Forbes (NSW)

    Group 1 Dapto Megastar

  • Umberto T: Jason Thompson (VIC)
  • Mortified T: Chris O'Brien (NSW)
  • Remember This T: Vic Sultana (NSW)

    Dubbo Regional MDC Final

  • T: Dennis Barnes (NSW)
  • Total Glamour T: Leighton Winter (NSW)
  • Spring Elegance T: Joshua Board (NSW)

    Broken Hill Regional MDC Final

  • Kruger Lass T: Bronwyn Welsh (VIC)
  • Landyn Bale T: Mark Delbridge (VIC)
  • T: Mark Delbridge (VIC)

    Maitland Regional MDC Final

  • Isle's Entity T: Michelle Sultana (NSW/VIC)
  • Twin Turbo T: Susan Smith (NSW)
  • Fernando Rocker T: Michelle Sultana (NSW)

    Bulli Regional MDC Final

  • Al's Entity T: Michelle Sultana (NSW/VIC)
  • Eyes To Eyes T: Neville Brown (NSW)
  • T: Garry Coles (NSW)

    Casino Regional MDC Final

  • Magistrate T: Greg Stella (QLD)
  • Magic Secret T: Barbara Beach (NSW)
  • Kingsbrae Boo T: Karl Miller (NSW)

    Temora Regional MDC Final

  • MacKenna T: Michelle Carruthers (VIC)
  • Royal Nangar T: Ray Smith (NSW)
  • Mr Yellowstone T: Jodie Lord (NSW)

    Richmond Regional MDC Final

  • Nad Al Sheba T: Peter Lagogiane (NSW)
  • Copious T: Justin King (NSW)
  • Magic Muffin T: Mark Gatt (NSW)

    Gunnedah Regional MDC Final

  • Jet T: Allan Syphers (NSW)
  • Froch T: Tanya Nieuwendyk (NSW)
  • Julia Bush T: Jamie Bush (NSW)

    Wagga Regional MDC Final

  • Kelsey Bale T: Daniel Gibbons (VIC)
  • Dundee Smokey T: Geoff Scott-Smith (VIC)
  • Hector Fawley T: Lisa Cockerell (VIC)

    2023 Group 2 Black Top (The Gardens)

  • Nangar Lucy T: Dennis Barnes (NSW)
  • Frisky Felon T: Mark Davidson (NSW)
  • Hurricane's Fury T: Joe McFadyen (NSW)

    Grafton Regional MDC Final

  • Cash Master T: Robert Cooke (NSW)
  • Albert's Memory T: Reg Gardoll (NSW)
  • Villante T: Chris Brydon (QLD)

    Nowra Regional MDC Final

  • Idolize T: (VIC)
  • Tom Keeping T: Matt Lanigan (VIC)
  • Enzo Herrera T: Garry Edwards (NSW)

    Gosford Regional MDC Final

  • Zipping Novak T: Jason Magri (NSW)
  • Rebel Ethics T: Jacob White (NSW)
  • Mia She's Fast T: Frank Hurst (NSW)

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