Morris calls for consistency for marring & fail to chase charges

TERRI Morris is calling for more consistency from (GRV) when it comes to charging greyhounds with and failing to pursue offences.

Morris is the trainer of star greyhound Jesaulenko, which was recently slapped with a three-month disqualification after being charged with his second marring offence when finishing second in the last month.

Morris appealed the decision unsuccessfully with the Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board () and has since been granted a stay of proceedings by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal ().

The stay of proceedings was conditional, with Jesaulenko able to race following a satisfactory trial at last week, at least until Morris’ VCAT hearing in January.

While Morris concedes her greyhound did not perform to his best on Melbourne Cup night, she is convinced that the son of College Causeway and Elite Fairy did not make contact with the winner, Ando’s Mac.

“If you watch the head on vision, there is no clear head or muzzle contact – and that’s why I appealed and went to the RADB and when that was unsuccessful I went to VCAT,” Morris told Australian Racing Greyhound.

“I would accept it if there was something there, but there isn’t so I feel the dog has been harshly penalised.”

Morris says the conditions on Melbourne Cup night affected her greyhound pre-race, while she believes several other chasers may have been put off.

“The gas blower went off as I was arriving at the and the music even down in the kennel blocks was moving the kennels,” she said.

“All the dogs on the night were absolutely petrified – it was not a great environment for dogs, which was pretty disappointing.

“I have got a really confident dog – he goes out there and struts his stuff and nothing phases him – but on Cup night he was nuzzled into the side of my leg he was that scared.

“There were seven other dogs in the race and I don’t think we got to see any of them at their best because of what was going on.”

All up, Jesaulenko has received three charges throughout his career – the first being a failure to chase in June 2015, with Morris claiming he was found to be injured after the run.

The second offence was also at on March 17, this time for marring, for which he was suspended for 28 days.

The latest charge saw him cop three months, the automatic disqualification period for a second marring offence.

Even if you agree with stewards on the Melbourne Cup incident, Morris is adamant her greyhound did not fight when slapped with his first charge on March 17.

Do you think Jesaulenko (8) did anything wrong?

If Jesaulenko had not received the first charge, the Melbourne Cup incident would have only put him out of play for 28 days.

“The first marring offence – hmmm. I was very disappointed with that ruling and I think that will be looked at by the VCAT as well,” Morris said.

“I have had so many people tell me how hard done by he was that day and they will send me videos of races – you will see dogs fighting others off the track and the trainers don’t even get called in.

“If you have got a dog and they are forced to sit out for three months – that’s a long time in their career.”

Morris said the most important thing she is hoping to achieve out of applying to VCAT is consistency from stewards, with her main concern being that greyhounds which, in her opinion, have demonstrated worse racing habits than Jesaulenko have not been charged.

“I like to see consistency and my dog is consistent, so I would like to see that same consistency from the stewards.

“I don’t care if it’s a tier three race or the Melbourne Cup – they should all be treated the same.

“It’s not me that’s been hard done by – it’s the dog. He is not aggressive; he is the most placid dog you will find.

“It’s disappointing.”

Australian Racing Greyhound contacted GRV regarding the consistency of its marring and failing to chase charges, however they had not responded at the time of publication.

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lone widow
lone widow
5 years ago

Terri… he could have beaten Andos Mac by three lengths had he been chasing in earnest.  He for sure turned his head 50 mtrs from the line, thats not chasing, SAME PENALTY.

You have got a world beater here in my opinion, spend the 3 months wisely and re-educate the dog.

5 years ago

Yep she’s right. I stood next to a trainer from R5 Geelong 16/02/16 as the trainer made a complaint about the racing manners of the eventual winner. Stewards refused to review the race and dismissed the complainant.

So ok its T3 but you should not have to put up with inconsistencies .

What’s more is that the stewards report did not mention the racing manners of the dog or the complaint made by the trainer.

You view the race, and tell me there’s nothing in it.

5 years ago

Be grateful its only three months, he is a non chaser when coming from off the speed, has turned it up a few times and not been sighted!!

5 years ago

Also complaining about the events on the night…..the reason ur racing for 400k, is because sandown go out and make the night a spectacle for the public. Creating interest and boosting turnover, u dont want the spectacle, go and race for ribbons

5 years ago

As for consistency….i agree, all non chasers should be rubbed out…..however the stewards are either uneducated when it comes to racing manners or they are looking after mates….either way, some of the dogs which getaway with turning it up, is ridiculous. I understand that they are some times tentative because after a few charges, there is the likelihood of retirement for the greyhound, but racing is becoming harder to watch and punt on because too many cats dont go on with the job!!! 

5 years ago

lone widow Once a nonnie, always a nonnie………..just hope she can land a big race with him before he does it again, no doubting the dog is a jet and deserves a big race on his CV

lone widow
lone widow
5 years ago

mannybugeja lone widow 

I have always said to be a successful dog trainer you have to think like a dog…….It would take someone special to turn this fellow around.

I wish i had him in my kennel, with 3 months intense work it would be worth it.

90 Days Terri, make ever one count.