New greyhound racing rules in Victoria begin on Saturday July 1 2023

Greyhound (GRV) has announced a suite of new , set to take effect from July 1, 2023, following valuable contributions from active participants to ensure a safer and fairer environment for all in the industry.

The first of these rules pertains to the frequency of starts, with a newly imposed limit on the maximum number of starts a greyhound may have across a period of 2, 7, and 28 days.

This rule builds on an existing national regulation that prevents consecutive days of racing or satisfactory trials.

The financial aspects of the sport also face changes with the introduction of new rules around fines and debts.

GRV now possesses the capacity to offset prizemoney with unpaid fines or debts owed, prevent a participant from nominating a greyhound they own or train until an outstanding fine or debt is paid, and cancel or revoke a licence, registration or permit granted to any person who has not fulfilled any imposed obligations within 90 days of the due date for payment or repaid prizemoney owing to GRV within 90 days of formal demand.

Also in the offing is a new rule pertaining to the , with plans for implementation on July 1.

However, no preferential box draw races will occur until further planning and considerations are finalised.

Additionally, the definition of presentation is being amended to include the period after a greyhound races, i.e., when a greyhound is travelling from their race meeting, such as after being scratched.

Looking ahead to October 1, 2023, GRV has also announced amendments to the local rule surrounding Plumpton rules.

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