Queensland Greyhound Of The Year Finalists Announced

Trainer Armstrong faces penalties for Greyhound welfare breaches

Licensed greyhound trainer Janene Armstrong receives penalties for failing to provide adequate care and engaging in detrimental conduct affecting greyhound welfare in Queensland.

Anthony Bullock’s greyhound lifetime ban overturned

In a surprising turn of events, Tasmanian greyhound trainer Anthony Bullock's lifetime ban has been overturned due to insufficient evidence linking him to the possession...
Sydney trainer Jason Magri

Jason Magri supports class action to change cobalt rules

Top Sydney trainer Jason Magri has thrown his support behind a class action building against Greyhounds Australasia because “people are losing their homes” due to...
Stewards' wrap

From The Stewards Room – Tuesday, November 29, 2022 wraps up the latest in disciplinary proceedings from the stewards in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.
Dr Derek Major

Dr Derek Major: NSW greyhounds not in crisis after Mackay ban

Prominent Sydney veterinarian Dr Derek Major is confident greyhound racing is not in crisis after top trainer Jason Mackay received a two-year suspension for banned...

Dr Derek Major calls for re-think on cobalt testing on greyhounds

A well-respected voice on the effects of cobalt in horses and dogs has pleaded for a re-think on how the banned substance is regulated in...
Greyhound racing at Rockhampton

Suli ‘dumbfounded’ by cobalt testing rules for greyhounds

Rockhampton greyhound trainer Andrew Suli - currently on a stay of execution after copping a 12-month ban - says he is losing sleep over the...

Victorian trainers frustrated with Greyhound Racing stewards

Like being on the receiving end of a parking inspector’s wrath, Bendigo trainer Daniel Pell is frustrated. At times, he doesn’t know what he’s in...
Greyhound breeder Jason Bolwell

NSW greyhound participants fed up with over-regulation

Hobby greyhound breeder Jason Bolwell is so concerned about over-regulation in an industry he loves that he now questions why anyone would want to become...
Greyhound racing

Participants left frustrated with more rules announced

GREYHOUND racing participants are growing concerned at the direction of the industry as more rule changes are expected to come in from March 1, 2018....