North Adelaide Club Captian Kicks First Goal As Greyhound Trainer

Adelaide Football Club Captain, Clint Alleway, has kicked his first goal as a greyhound trainer.

Alleway rugged up his greyhound Scewed Driver at on Sunday night in Race 9, The Sportsman Tavern Stake grade 6 event over 531m.

Alleway was lucky to even get a run in the event with Screwed River only getting the call up as second reserve when Miss Roxanne, Nikita Bob and Alvin Purple were all from the original starting eight.

But Screwed River put paid to the graders lack of faith in his ability and jumped well from box 2 to assume the lead and make every post a winner.

Screwed River covered the journey in a respectable 3.27, 16.36, 31.45 to give Alleway win debut win as a greyhound trainer.

It's a terrific result for Clint who needs to make time for training between, well, training.

There's not a lot of spare time when you're the captain of SANL's North Adelaide Football Club and a full time teacher at Salisbury High.

Clint has been known, on occasion, to turn up at North Adelaide training sessions with his dogs in tow.

Congratulations to Clint – it's sure to be the first of many wins this year for not just his dogs but also North Adelaide Football Club.

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