NSW greyhound racing ban overturned by Cabinet

(GRNSW) released a statement on Wednesday in support of the NSW Government’s decision to overturn the greyhound racing ban.

The backflip, announced by Premier Mike Baird, means that racing will continue within the state past June 30, 2017.

The statement said the Premier’s decision recognised that there are thousands of responsible greyhound racing participants within the state who love and care for all of their greyhounds.

The release also highlighted the wide range of reforms introduced over the past 18 months which set out to improve and supervision of the industry. The governing body also stated its commitment to ridding the sport of people who fail to abide by the and those who are unwilling to abide by the highest of animal standards.

GRNSW said it will work with stakeholders to ensure the sport can become a more sustainable and vibrant industry which is supervised and regulated efficiently, with the welfare of the greyhounds being centric to all that it does.

TABCORP welcome ban overturn

have welcomed Premier Mike Baird’s decision to backflip on the controversial greyhound racing ban.

The betting giant released a statement on Tuesday afternoon following the Premier’s announcement that the industry would be given one last chance to subject to high standards of animal welfare.

“Tabcorp welcomes an announcement made today by the NSW Government that NSW greyhound racing will be given the opportunity to continue beyond July 2017,” the statement read.

“As outlined in Tabcorp’s ASX announcement of 7 July 2016, NSW greyhound racing represents around 5% of Tabcorp’s total wagering turnover.

“Tabcorp supports a well-regulated greyhound racing industry where animal welfare is the priority.”

Mike Baird breaks his silence on greyhound ban

NEW South Wales Premier Mike Baird has broken his silence on his decision to backflip on the government’s greyhound racing ban, stating it had underestimated the community’s support for the industry.

Baird released a statement on Tuesday ahead of a press conference to announce the ban had been overturned, subject to high standards of animal welfare.

“We firmly believed the government’s decisive response to the animal cruelty outlined in Justice McHugh’s report was the right one – but we misjudged the community’s response to the report,” Baird said.

“It’s clear the community agrees that the cruelty must end, but we underestimated the community’s desire to give the greyhound industry one last chance to reform and conform to the highest standards of animal welfare.

“The industry can’t return to the status quo – the barbaric practises of live baiting, cruel wastage and high rates of injury must end.”

Ban overturned by Cabinet

THE controversial New South Wales greyhound racing ban is no more.

Cabinet ministers emerged from a meeting on Tuesday morning where they officially signed off on a plan to reverse a decision to end the industry.

A new policy has now been taken to a party room meeting and is said to contain a plan which will result in fewer races, fewer greyhound tracks and a series of tougher animal welfare measures.

Also detailed was a plan to separate the commercial and functions of the authority body, with a new oversight body set to be put in place to draw up a new framework for governance, regulatory structure and the finer details of the sport.

The body will include representatives from the NSW Greyhound Breeders, Owners and Trainers Association (GBOTA), the RSPCA and other eminent individuals.

It has been reported that the new oversight body will be led by former NSW Premier, .

The reversal has been welcomed, albeit cautiously, by greyhound racing participants as they await further details of the proposed plan for NSW greyhound racing.

Premier Mike Baird had been standing firm on his decision to outlaw the sport within the state as of July 1, 2017, since making the announcement over three months ago.

However, a dramatic plummet in opinion polls, an internal revolt from MPs and an important upcoming by-election in Orange have now seen him backflip on the contentious decision.

Conditions of the reversal which have so far been touted include a breeding cap of 2,000 pups born per year, reducing the number of tracks, reducing the number of races, a whole life cycle management of greyhounds and a $1,500 for every dog bred into the industry.

Mike Baird is expected to officially announce the decision to reverse the ban on Tuesday afternoon.

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lone widow
lone widow
5 years ago

Surely any plan would include scrapping the intercode agreement.

5 years ago

where are these tracks about to close in the country? I guess  as always. and how is this going to help the older greyhounds keep racing and the ones not up to city standards if they cut the amount of meetings available  as it is we in the northwest region have only four tracks non tab. and as a rule each of these race once month  with may be one extra meeting here and there . there should be more extra races for these dogs with appropriate grading

5 years ago

megsie I agree there should be more tracks not less to cater for all dogs.

5 years ago

megsie Megsie Well there is plenty of answers for the Problems you have raised , but they don’t want to hear from those at the Coal Face with the answers, they are more interested in hearing from desk jockeys and paper shufflers who know SFA about whats’ the best for the Racing Greyhound .