Annette Castles Suspended For 2 Years For Heptaminol Positive In New South Wales Greyhound

Greyhound Racing NSW Stewards have finalised an inquiry into analyst’s reports that the urine sample taken from Hanify’s Diamond after that greyhound won Race 4, the Wayne Hall Concreting Maiden, run at the meeting conducted by the GBOTA at Lismore on February 14 2012, had been analysed and confirmed to contain the prohibited substance Heptaminol.

Evidence was taken from trainer Ms Annette Castles and Dr Adam Cawley the Science Manager of the Australian Racing Forensic Laboratory. Written evidence was tendered from the Australian Racing Forensic Laboratory, Racing Science Centre QLD and ARFL Senior Veterinarian Dr Craig Suann.

Evidence given established that on the day of the race in question, Mr Tony Crawford, the partner of Ms Castles had mistakenly administered Kynoselen to Hanify’s Diamond instead of administering the substance to another greyhound on the property which was being treated for acidosis.

Ms Castles subsequently pleaded guilty to a charge under GAR 83 (2) (a) in that she presented Hanify’s Diamond for the race in question other than free of prohibited substances in that the urine sample taken from the greyhound after the race was found to contain the prohibited substance Heptaminol.

Ms Castles was suspended for a period of two months and, in addition, fined $1000 in lieu of a greater period of suspension being imposed.

In considering penalty Stewards took into account Ms Castles lengthy involvement in the industry over an 18 year period in which time she had maintained an unblemished record in relation to breaches of the prohibited substance rules, her personal circumstances, the nature of the substance involved which acts as a cardiac stimulant, previous penalties given to other persons in relation to the same Rule.

Stewards also considered that a measure of negligence had been displayed by Ms Castles firstly by allowing her partner to administer the prohibited substance to the greyhound trained by her and secondly her failure to keep any record of treatments provided to any of her greyhounds, together with the effects that such findings have on the image of greyhound racing.