Boldenone Steroid Positive Swab Inquiry Adjourned In NSW

have adjourned an into the analyst’s reports of the finding of and its metabolites in the urine sample taken from Turbo Tiger after that greyhound won at Wauchope on 6th August this year, to a date to be fixed.

Evidence was taken from trainer Mr , owner Ms Maureen Campbell, veterinary Dr and from Australian Racing Forensic Laboratory Science Manager, Dr Adam Cawley.

The inquiry was adjourned to allow references quoted during the inquiry to be presented to Mr Carragher and to allow him to examine that evidence in full.

Boldenone is most commonly found in the Anabolic Steroid , which was a commonly used steroid to keep bitches off season and also increase agressiveness, confidence and chase in timid greyhounds. Its use was effectively banned in racing greyhounds in New South Wales on the 1st July 2008.

Two previous positive swab inquiries in to Boldenone swabs in New South Wales have seen the recipients receive nine and six months disqualifications.

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