Gordon & Scott say Alliance continues to fight for full reversal

KEVIN Gordon has reiterated his support for the NSW Greyhound Racing Industry Alliance and vowed to continue the fight to have a proposed July 1, 2017, shutdown date thrown out.

Despite chatter that Gordon may be working with the National Party to increase the proposed period the ban is enacted over, the Alliance member from the Hunter Valley said there was only one way forward.

“The story has grown legs that I have been doing things – who do people think I am? I wish I was powerful enough to go to the Nationals and do a deal with them,” he said.

“The Alliance hasn’t stopped working for the last 12 weeks. We have put in writing to the Premier that we require a total reversal of the ban, back to how it was on July 6.

“We are hopeful that there will be a breakthrough next week, all the signs are there.”

The Liberal Government, backed by the National Party, hacw copped extreme heat since their decision to shut down the greyhound industry in NSW. Premier Mike Baird and National Party leader Troy Grant, his deputy Premier, have both had their positions in the cabinet questioned and commentators believe the pair are likely to do a backflip on the topic.

“There has been multiple scenarios thrown around such as three or five year extensions – but what we hope and what we are looking for is a complete reversal of the ban – that is what’s acceptable to the Alliance and that’s what should be acceptable to the industry,” Gordon said.

“People seem to think we are going to be offered something by the government – there will be no offers.

“Lets be very clear of where we are currently at – greyhound racing finishes on the first of July next year – that’s where it’s at right now.

“So there will be no offers from the government to say ‘hey guys, would you like this’ – it will be a decision which is made between the National Party MPs.

“We have made our stance very clear to the government and that is that we need a complete reversal.”

Gordon also clarified comments made at an industry meeting on Saturday in Newcastle, which led some people to believe the Alliance is no longer encouraging participants to lobby against the National Party in relation to the ban and ahead of the Orange by-election on November 12.

“It is my personal position that if we get a complete turnaround and it is acceptable that I, myself, don’t see any advantage in me, Kevin Gordon, going out [to Orange] and bagging the Nationals,” Gordon said.

“That’s just my personal opinion, not an Alliance position – what everybody else does is entirely up to them.”

Brenton Scott, NSW Greyhound Breeders, Owners and Trainers Association (GBOTA) CEO and head of the Alliance confirmed the body’s hope that the ban would be completely overturned this week.

“The Alliance’s position has been committed to one simple message from day one and that is that we have been treated unfairly, we have been treated unreasonably and we have been on the end of a knee-jerk decision which had no regards for the impact on decent, hardworking people,” Scott said.

“The objective we continue to strive for is a reversal of the ban… we seek to have a collective arrangement between the industry and the government that allows the industry to perform to agreed benchmarks and that there be an accountability framework and that simultaneously to those two actions we collectively and genuinely assess the worth of the 79 unconsidered McHugh recommendations.

“We are not in a position where we are putting anything more than the expectation that the ban be reversed.

“The McHugh report, flawed as its facts may be, put to the industry that there are a number of issues that we can accept need to be dealt with… but the reaction of the government was articulated in the premier’s decision on July 7 and we believe that decision was way out of proportion with the issues that needed to be dealt with.”

Scott said the Alliance is hopeful that a optimistic solution for the industry will come out of the party room meeting.

“It is positive that the meeting takes place against a background of shifting public sentiment and widespread media coverage that suggests there are alternative ways to deal with our problem.

“I expect that should lead to a healthy and hopefully productive discussion.”

Scott also lamented that the Alliance continues to urge all greyhound racing participants in the Orange electorate to carefully consider who to vote for in the upcoming by-election.

“We have taken the position that the Orange by-election should, from a greyhound racing perspective, should be about getting behind those who are prepared to advocate in protest of the ban as it stands at the current time.

“We understand that there are a range of political agendas at play, so therefore the individual choice [of who to vote for] should remain a private matter, but we would encourage everybody from within the greyhound industry to consider supporting those who are prepared to support the greyhound industry.”

Meanwhile, Shooters, Fishers and Farmers MLC Robert Borsak remains unconvinced that a positive change for the greyhound industry will occur as a result of the Nationals party room meeting, taking to social media over the weekend to express his opinion.

“Nothing of substance will come this coming week in the way of real reversal and improvement of the terms of the greyhound industry ban.

“A few crumbs maybe be thrown down, small concessions may be offered, whatever is put on the table (if anything) will only be teased at in order that the Orange by-election damage may be mitigated.

“You see, they still think they are right, nothing has been learnt since July, it’s still all about them and not country constituents, jobs or families and more importantly dogs.

“They just don’t get it.”

Past Discussion

  1. United we stand divided we fall. That’s been the strength that has seen us through this far and so far it is working. Nothing but a complete reversal is acceptable. Any wishy washy nats talk and it’s game over for them. Baird needs to understand that the greyhound community is not silly enough to fall for gossip that he might do something in a vain hope that we will be fooled into voting for the Nats and save the coalition even if we were all illiterate we are not that stupid.

  2. The feds are in this up to their necks.  Baird delayed the announcement until after the fed election we have heard nothing from Malcolm Turnball.  Barnaby tried a con job, didn’t work for me Barnaby.

  3. ps. I want to hear from Malcolm.  The public voted him out of office in 2006(?) they just don’t listen, who’s the real bogan?

  4. lone widow  He would not have been game enough to announce it before the election. I don’t think Baird wants a split with the Nationals if it wasn’t for them the LNP would not have got in last federal election. I think Baird was working on the “everyone will forget by the time the next election rolls around.” theory. I don’t think that strategy will work given he has made a heap of other cockups besides this one. I think he would be under serious pressure from the state nats and the liberal in marginal seats. He might have a blue ribbon one but some of his mates don’t.  Mehreen Farku is back on the job this morning heaven forbid she is now writing her own articles for the SMH I have emailed her a couple of times just to let her know I have not forgotten what a shallow political opportunists she is. That’s the trouble with these animal activists you have to beat them down with a stick the old self righteous moral superiority of the greens is truly sickening and not one of them has outlined their educational or economic policies despite numerous email requests.

  5. i would believe Borsak before Scott and Gordon. .8 million of industries money that Scotts mob gave to the NCA that fell over ! and  he said the ICA was a good deal. Ask this question Who was  at the top of the  NCA when it fell over . We must stop trying to recycle people who are proven failures .At the end of the day there is 6000 participants these people leading the Alliance  only  represent  1100 of the total amount of participants and a lot of those 1100 have lost trust with the Alliance leadership and i tend to agree.

  6. lone widow  I think under constitutional law his right to intervene publicly is limited he has apparently made statements about how ludicrous it was to carry on about rabbits which he allegedly described as vermin I think he has left it to his Deputy to say something. Under a favourable federal court ruling he would have more power.

  7. The Alliance are suggesting a limit on the dogs 2 to 3 thousand  limit ,well hello we need 6 thousand to fill our racing commitments ! and they have put their hands up to run racing here in NSW ? 

  8. BJoe  Yes he is missing I have not seen a post from him anywhere lately he was out and about on a few newspaper sites but now MIA . He might be just having a rest

  9. If the report that a bond of per pup is correct the industry will be for elites only just like the thoroughbreds, the devil will be in the detail so no cheering from me YET, we must keep up the pressure in Orange.

  10. BJoe  BJoe- I have found Hughie he is alive and well- slumming it over at the Guardian web site where in amongst the bizarre, obscene crazy comments, names and pictures  ( I don’t know who moderates them but they are verrrry broadminded.)  I spotted one where some one had actually used their real name, could spell and had not used the word bogan or scumbag five times in their post and there he was Hughie making a very reasonable comment about the overturning of the greyhound ban.

  11. The Word is that the Alliance is not supporting the Trip to Orange on the 12th November and if that’s the case the Alliance has sold out those who supported them through this process of over turning the Ban, SHAME”SHAME”SHAME !