GRNSW Take Greyhound Racing Integrity To New Heights With Out Of Competition Testing

GRNSW have this morning confirmed that punters can bet with confidence in this weekends 1 Golden Easter Egg and Group 3 Multiquip heats.

That confidence stems from the exemplary standard set by GRNSW who have moved the bar on in racing, by being the first state to conduct serious out of competition testing of greyhounds engaged in the two big feature races.

Specifically, GRNSW have announced they have tested over 60 greyhounds nominated for the 2010 Golden Easter Egg and Magic Maiden heats. Those test are to be analysed for erythropoietin, more commonly known as EPO; and its derivatives.

Although the ability to test for EPO has existed from some years, many of these tests were conducted on race night samples and infrequently. This move from GRNSW is a positive step and a reflection of the professionalism now required from all participants in greyhound racing, including and stewarding.

GRNSW CEO Brent Hogan this morning said that the samples were taken as part of an overall focus on of racing especially to coincide with the state’s biggest race meetings.

“Out of competition testing will now form a key component of GRNSW’s ongoing prohibited substance detection strategy,” Mr Hogan said.

Out of competition testing is conducted under the provisions of new NSW Local Rule 1A which provides specifically for out of competition sampling.

GRNSW need to be fully congratulated and supported for raising the bar on integrity the way they have this week, and this is just another proactive approach from this progressive NSW greyhound administration which is steadily resurrecting NSW greyhound racing back toward the days when they were considered the leading Australian greyhound racing state.

The bar has been set. It remains to be seen if the other state stewarding and integrity administrations have the commitment and capability to step up to to it.

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