John Finn declared a defaulter by GRNSW

JOHN Finn has been declared a defaulter by () stewards less than two days after his wife, , had her training licence suspended pending an inquiry into the discovery of Recombinant Human Erythropoietin () in urine samples taken from two of her greyhounds.

, who has trained countless performers including 1992 Golden winner Jessica Casey, was declared a defaulter due to the non payment of a $72,950 debt which is owed to GRNSW.

$68,500 of that sum is the prize money earned by his greyhound Winsome Charlee which he failed to return after that greyhound returned a positive urine sample when winning a semi-final of the 2013 , which saw her disqualified from the final in which she placed second.

The remainder of the debt is associated with inquiry expenses.

Acting under GAR 99, Finn is no longer able to nominate or train any greyhounds.

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burra man
burra man
6 years ago

Will be very interesting to see if wheeler has had to pay back any money to grv after winning races with ice and speed in them .