NSWNCA Unveil Betchoice As New Gardens Naming Rights Sponsors

Just weeks after Betfair moved on the first day of the removal of on course advertising restrictions on corporate bookmakers, Colin Tidy's Betchoice has struck a six year agreement with the NSWNCA over greyhound track.

The NSW National Association (NCA) has joined forces with leading betting operator Colin Tidy's Betchoice in the richest sponsorship deal in the history of .

The final touches to the deal were put in place on Monday, with NCA General Manager and Betchoice CEO Mark Morrissey both delighted to sign off on a six-year arrangement that will see Betchoice secure naming rights for the Newcastle-based track The Gardens.

Betchoice chief Mark Morrissey is confidently predicting exciting times ahead for both the venue and participants in the Newcastle and Hunter region.

“It's an exciting time for Betchoice and we'll be delighted to see our name up in lights at The Gardens,” Morrissey said.

“We've had a good relationship with greyhound racing in the past and we've been involved in sponsorship on a much smaller scale, but we saw this as a great opportunity to take our involvement to another level.

“It's the first time Betchoice has actually sponsored a track and The Gardens is a great track; the NCA has spent a lot of money there over the years and Newcastle is a great city as well, so it's going to be great exposure for us.

“Greyhound racing is very important to Betchoice because it's a growth industry and would be our fastest growing area as far as punters are concerned.

“We really want to make good use of the track and a big part of that is going to be helping to get people to The Gardens.”

NCA General Manager Adam Dobbin is elated that the deal has come to fruition, confident that participants will be the big winners out of the partnership.

“This commercial partnership is a wonderful endorsement for what the NCA is striving to achieve at The Gardens and we are looking forward to this exciting venture with Betchoice,” Dobbin said.

“For a distinguished and recognisable brand like Betchoice to throw their support behind the Association speaks volumes for the complex and we're excited about the different aspects this sponsorship brings not only the NCA, but greyhound racing in general.

“Securing corporate backing is paramount in our business model and forming a relationship with Betchoice opens up a number of doors for the future. There are no half measures in this partnership, with both parties committed to furthering Betchoice Gardens as one of the market leaders for entertainment and racing in the Hunter region.

“In the long run, I believe participants will be the big winners, as this sponsorship further secures the financial future of the NCA, something that has demanded plenty of attention in recent years.

“We are fortunate to have a number of key sponsors and stakeholders at Betchoice Gardens and the board of the NCA is looking forward to repaying the faith shown by them with a vibrant future on the horizon.”

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