NCA’s Days In Greyhound Racing Numbered As GRNSW Issue Show Cause

The Association's (NCA) days in greyhound racing could be numbered as has issued a “show cause” notice in the wake of the Adam Dobbin affair.

Citing concerns over the financial viability of the private invitation only club's ability to manage greyhound racing at , the Board of GRNSW have given the NCA until 25th February 2013 to justify their ongoing licence to operate the Newcastle track.

This “show cause” notice comes after it was found then NCA's General Manager had misappropriated $155,000 from the NCA balance sheet to fund a gambling habit.

As well as functioning as the NCA's business manager, Dobbin has been providing greyhound tips and articles for the NCA owned ; and ironically, GRNSW had also been using Dobbin to provide stories and tips for their own The Dogs website.

GRNSW ended that public association once the circumstances regarding Dobbin's gambling problem became public knowledge. However the association with the NCA remains as GRNSW still publish articles cited as written by “The Greyhound Recorder”.

To further complicate the circumstances regarding the NCA's current and ongoing financial stability, the NCA have refused all calls to stand down Dobbin over the “missing” money; retaining him as General Manager.

In a parallel situation in Queensland, a bookkeeper of the 's track was found guilty of misappropriating $250,0000 in clubs funds to fund a pokies gambling addiction and sentenced to 5 years jail . The bookkeeper's own barrister admitted that “the dog track was not a suitable place of employment for a gambling addict”.

Not only is Dobbin still employed by the NCA, but no formal complaint has been made to police meaning Dobbin will escape judicial scrutiny over the “missing” money.

GRNSW, who own 70% of the Greyhound Complex; have previously questioned the NCA's decision to keep Dobbin on in the role stating his position is in their eyes “untenable”.

Now the GRNSW Board has resolved to issue the show cause notice after a review of the NCA's audited financial statements found that the ongoing financial viability of the NCA was extremely uncertain.

The Board formed the view that the interests of the greyhound racing industry in NSW would be at risk if it failed to take action with respect to the apparent financial position of the NCA given the importance of The Gardens venue to the sport.

The Gardens plays a pivotal role in the Hunter region hosting 130 TAB race meetings each year.

The show cause notice asks the NCA why GRNSW should not:

  • Appoint an administrator under s. 10(2)(e) of the Greyhound Racing Act 2009 to conduct the affairs of the club;
  • Under s.10(2)(n) of the Greyhound Racing Act 2009, order an audit of the books and accounts of the NCA by an auditor of GRNSW's choosing, as at 31 December 2012, to establish whether the NCA is, and is likely to continue to be, financially viable with respect to its participation in the sport.

By appointing an administrator to the NCA, GRNSW would effectively remove Dobbin's control from the NCA balance sheet and provide a level of supervision and scrutiny to the NCA's inner machinations.

The NCA now has until Monday 25th February 2013 to make written representations in relation to the show cause notice.

GRNSW have made it clear this “show cause” process will not impact the racing schedule at The Gardens.

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