QGRA Chairman Resigns

QGRALess than one week after the shock closure of Albion Park, QGRA Chairman Phil Bennet has announced his resignation.

Mr Bennet has cited personal reasons for his resignation which is to be effective tomorrow; “I wish to advise that I will be resigning as a Director and Chair of Limited tomorrow. The reasons for my resignation are personal and it has been something that I have been considering for some time.”

Mr Bennett feels the timing of his resignation is appropriate given the new changes to take effect in Queensland which will see QGRA be known as Greyhounds Queenland Limited; “It seems appropriate that my resignation commences at the start of a new era in Greyhound racing in this State, as the first of July marks the commencement date of Greyhounds Queensland Limited. It probably fair that the new entity have a new head to meet the challenges that it faces. ”

Whilst Mr Bennett goes to great lengths to distance himself from the controversy, it is undeniable that the haste and immediacy of his departure must have some foundation in the disastrous situation Queensland Greyhound Racing now finds itself in and his decision.

“It is unfortunate that I leave the control body at a time when there is much uncertainty with the imminent of and the closure of the Russ Hinze Stand at , but these are not the reasons why I am leaving. It is unfortunate that their timing coincides with this date” said Mr Bennett.

Mr Bennett then goes on to thank all and sundry invloved in Queensland Greyhound Racing and the wider racing fraternity before leaving these parting words for the Queensland greyhound faithful whom are left behind to endure one of the darkest periods in Queensland grayhound racing.

“Last, but by no means least, I would like to acknowledge the greyhound racing participants in Queensland without whom there would be no racing. You are an inspiration. No matter what the adversity, you seem to overcome them and keep coming back. I will miss you.”

I’m not sure the sentiment will be recipriocated.

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