Gail Thorsby Officially Appointed Chief Steward For Queensland Greyhounds

Appointment of harness and greyhound chief stewards

Racing Queensland Limited (RQL) today announced the appointment of new chief stipendiary stewards in harness and greyhound racing.

David Farquharson has been appointed as chief stipendiary steward (harness racing). David brings a wealth of experience to the role having started his career as a stipendiary steward in Queensland in 1983. He has spent time working as a stipendiary steward in Western Australia and New South Wales before returning to Queensland as a senior steward in 2007.

Gail Thorsby has been appointed as chief stipendiary steward (greyhound racing). Gail started her career in greyhounds as a trainer but has now been a stipendiary steward for over 11 years including the last two years as the deputy chief steward of Queensland.

RQL congratulates both chief stipendiary stewards on their appointments and looks forward to them to continuing their careers and in further ensuring the integrity of the racing industry in Queensland.

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