Watpac Inter-Dominion 09 To Follow Greyhounds Lead

The Seelite Windows & Doors Trotters series during the Watpac ID09 carnival will break new ground in driver’s presentation

Each driver will wear Seelite Windows And Doors branded colours identical to the greyhound stretchvest colours worn by greyhounds in Australian greyhound racing.

For example, the driver handling the barrier one horse will be decked out in red.

It follows barrier two horse (black and white horizontal stripes), barrier three (white), barrier four (blue), barrier five (yellow), barrier six (green), barrier seven (black), barrier eight (pink), barrier nine (green and white diagonal stripes) and barrier ten (red,white and blue vertical stripes).

With 12 runners allotted for the heats and finals, some creativity was employed and barrier 11 driver will sport orange silks while barrier 12 will be in maroon.

“I suppose it will give David Fowler (broadcaster) a few headaches but I thought it was an interesting innovation for our sponsorship,” Seelite Windows And Doors general manager Michael Taranto said.

It was only through the generous sponsorship of Seelite Windows And Doors that made it possible to run a trotters’ series during the Inter Dominion carnival.

The opening rounds of heats will be run on Wednesday March 18 from the standing start and the mobile barrier will be used for the second round on Wednesday March 25.

The 12 highest point scorers will line up in the $20,000 Final on March 28, tackling the testing 3100m distance from the standing start.

This makes it the equal richest trotting event in Queensland.

Harness and Seelite Windows And Doors could enter into negotiations to running the event subsequent to this year’s initial series if it proves successful.

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