Queensland Greyhound Trainer Gets Off Positive Swab Charge

yesterday released details regarding an in to a positive swab taken from winner, in July 2008. Despite the “A” sample testing positive to Hydroxystanazolol, the “B” sample “leaked” during and could not be used to verify the “A” sample positive. The trainer, could not be charged as there was no sample available to confirm the first positive.

Greyhounds Queensalnd convened an inquiry on the 6th October 2008 in relation to the urine sample taken from the greyhound Deceptive Speed which competed on the 26th July 2008 at the Rockhampton Greyhound Racing Club in Race 3 (placed 1st) and subsequently returned an abnormality to the drug Hydroxystanazolol.

Stewards directed Trainer Mr. A. Harker of Ridgelands to appear.

Notification was received from the Racing Science Centre that the sample has leaked during transportation from Rockhampton.

The Racing Science Centre indicated that there was insufficient urine for the Referee Analysis to be carried out.

However direction was given for the Referee Sample to be sent to the AJC Forensic Laboratory in Sydney in an attempt to carry out the analysis.

This however was unsuccessful and the second certificate of analysis was unable to be obtained.

As a result stewards informed trainer Mr. A. Harker that they were unable to take the matter further and no action was taken.

Mr. Harker was reminded of his obligations to present his greyhound free of any drugs when racing.

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