Queensland trainers get three year licensing terms

Queensland’s thoroughbred, harness and greyhound trainers are set to benefit from an improved licensing system which will three-year licensing and online licence renewal.

said the changes from the previous annual licensing system were a win for Queensland trainers.

“Instead of renewing their licences each year, Queensland trainers will hold a licence for a period of three years before they’re required to renew,” he said.

“In addition to this extended licence period, thoroughbred trainer licence categories have been simplified to assist in the licensing and renewal process.

“These are sensible changes that will reduce the administrative burden for Queensland trainers without sacrificing the of the licence system.”

Queensland Commissioner Ross Barnett said the changes were being implemented after a consultation with the industry and a year-long trial of three-year licensing for stable hands and kennel attendants.

“The consultation period resulted in mostly positive feedback from trainers who told us they’re happy the administrative burden of licensing would be reduced by this change,” he said.

“Three-year licensing just makes sense and will make the licensing process and renewal easier for trainers.

“It means trainers will spend less time filling out forms, and it will free up resources to give staff more time to deliver other services to our clients.”

Relevant racing participants will receive information about the changes via email and will be able to follow the link to the relevant online portal on the QRIC website to make their payments when they are due.

The new three-year licence changes for all trainers are being implemented from the current licence renewal period.

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