Question Time Podcast With Leading Veterinarian Peter Yore – Ask Your Questions

We have managed to secure some time with veterinarian Peter Yore today for another Question Time Podcast. This interview follows on from our Question Time Podcasts with Jason Mackay, Paul Wheeler, Jason Thompson, Rob Britton and Tom Dailly.

Peter is well known for his video The Racing Greyhound and is an unrivaled knowledge source on greyhounds.

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These podcasts are designed to allow our readers to get involved in the interview process and we encourage your participation.

Past Discussion

  1. Where does Peter stand on the sport of Greyhound racing from a medical perspective ? I.e, does he feel that there are benefits to the animal in competing as a race dog and do these benefits outweigh the physical tolls in the form of injuries ?? Would be Interested to know his opinion on the sport.