Rapidvite Trainer’s Seminar To Be Held During Nationals

An outstanding array of speakers has been co-ordinated for the Rapidvite Trainers’ Seminar which will take place at the Greyhound Social Club on Friday, August 29, 2008.

Commencing at 9am and concluding by 3pm, the seminar is a highlight of the 2008 Rapidvite Nationals and is being jointly co-ordinated and hosted by Rapidvite, the NSW and GRNSW.

Rapidvite Marketing Manager, , said this week that he believed the seminar would provide all active participants with an amazing level of information.

“The day is brimful of quality speakers and they will speak over considerable territory…something of interest for everybody from the novice to the most advanced,” added Bryce.

will provide an insight into the legendary success of the Bale breeding line.

Record breaking Victorian Trainer, Graeme Bate will present his views on racing preparation including trends that have impacted over the past 20 years.

Leading veterinary surgeons Dr and Dr will also make highly interesting presentations. Dr Fegan has only recently returned from where he had a number of training seminars on behalf of the Irish Greyhound Racing Board.

Dr Astbury, as a successful trainer in his own right, will provide a unique view on the aspects of greyhound preparation. And, Peter Bryce is recognised as one of Australia’s most informed speakers on the racing greyhound’s diet.

Another not to be missed feature of the day will be a discussion panel on anabolic steroids and the suppression of oestrus in female greyhounds. The panel will include a representative of the Australian Greyhound Veterinary Association which recommends suppression via the use of Ethyloestrenol and Dr Astbury who has declared a wider point of view.

NSW GBOTA Executive Officer, , said that the objective of the discussion panel would be to place serious and accurate information before participants on an issue that has clearly generated diversified views.

has made its decision to only permit Ethyloestrenol for the suppression of oestrus in female greyhounds,” said Scott.

“The discussion will provide an opportunity to better understand the science behind the decision whilst also accepting that there are, to varying degrees, countering opinions.”

GRNSW, Chief Executive, Brent Hogan, said GRNSW was delighted to be involved in the promotion of the seminar.

“The speakers are expert and those in attendance are sure to receive great value,” said Hogan.

The cost of the seminar is just $25 and this includes lunch and drinks. Bookings are expected to be in high demand and must be made with Chris McKay at the Head Office of the NSW GBOTA on the direct line (02) 8737 5902. While bookings must be made by phone, payment can be made on the day.

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