Ray Webster Disqualified For Four Months Over Steroid Positives

Greyhound () concluded an into analyst's reports that the urine samples taken from Lagoon Lowanna after that greyhound had won Race 10 the Toohey's Old Heat 4 at on 19 April 2012 and Race 9 the Hotham Body Repairs at on 26 May 2012 had been analysed and found to contain the prohibited substances Nandrolone, 19-norepiandrosterone and 19-noretiocholanolone.

Evidence was taken from trainer Raymond Webster, the Australian Racing Forensic Laboratory's (ARFL) Dr Adam Cawley and GRNSW Officer Wayne Billett. Written evidence was entered from the ARFL's Dr Craig Suann the Manager Analytical Services at the Racing Science Centre Queensland Mark Jarrett and Rossmore Veterinary Clinic.

Mr Webster pleaded guilty to two separate charges under GAR 83(2) in that he had been responsible for the presentation of Lagoon Lowanna for the races in question other than free of a prohibited substance in that the urine samples taken from the greyhound were found to contain Nandrolone and its two metabolites.

Mr Webster could not enlighten the Stewards as to how the prohibited substances were found to be contained within the urine sample taken from Lagoon Lowanna other than to offer than it may have been contained in the meat fed to the greyhound.

Mr Webster was disqualified for a period of four months and fined $1,500 for each of the two charges, which are to be served concurrently.

In determining penalty Stewards took into consideration the GRNSW Penalty Guidelines, Mr Webster's unblemished record in the industry over a period of 11 years as a licensed trainer in which time many of his greyhounds had been sampled, his personal circumstances being that he is a public trainer with approximately 30 greyhounds in his care, the guilty pleas entered by Mr Webster and the personal references supplied to Stewards on behalf of Mr Webster from Ray Brown (), Paul Mack (Secretary Manager Dapto A & H Society and Dapto Greyhound Racing Club) and (Camden Branch /Deadwood Lodge). Penalties for breaches of this rule involving similar substances were also considered.

Under GAR 83(4) Lagoon Lowanna was disqualified from both events and the placings were amended accordingly.

Mr Webster has lodged an appeal against the decision and a stay of proceedings has been granted until such time as the appeal is heard.

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