Regional Management For Gosford And Maitland Greyhounds

The NSW this week announced that (current Manager – Operations) had been to also oversee the management of the track.

Kevin Keys recently resigned from the position of Manager – Gosford Operations but has continued to assist with the track's operations on a part time basis.

Executive Officer, , said that the concept of regional management made sense, given the multi-track structure of the Association.

“Sharing management resources over greater territory will lead to efficiencies,” explained Scott.

Prior to opting for the regional management model, Directors of the NSW GBOTA considered and modeled several other options.

“Ultimately, regional management was seen as a strategic opportunity for the Association,” said Scott.

“Kayla's performance at Maitland has been thorough and progressive.

“With good support teams in place at both Maitland and Gosford, the Board believe an excellent environment exists in which to test the concept.”

Kayla, who was 2009 Young Person of the Year, will commence her new position as of Monday, June 27, 2011.

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