Remaining Missing Kinglake Greyhound Identity Safe & Well

In the wake of the disturbing news that Rex Norris and family are likely to be tragic casualties of the Kinglake fire, Australian Racing Greyhound is happy to report that the other Kinglake greyhound identity that we had concerns for, ; is safe and well.

Doug’s son Wayne was able to confirm to us today that both Doug and Heather and greyhounds are all safe and well;having “got out early”.

Wayne was able to leave us this message, which I must say is one bit of bright news amongst the constant horror stemming from fire affected areas :

Hi there,

Happy to report Doug Burge is safe and well. He got out early when the threat emerged last Saturday. Doug packed 1 change of clothes, and his 3 dogs, and the papers. (Luckily Heather was a little more organised) 2 dogs and one bitch on season in the back of the van was a little testing. The bitch was dropped off to Michael Bell at Craigieburn as she is going off to Whiskey Assassin while Len and Robyn Ketelaar at Yuroke have taken in the other 2 dogs.

On behalf of Doug and Heather thankyou for your concern. Doug is mates with Rex and is attempting to call him. His mobile is still ringing which is a good sign. WIll let you know if I found out anything further.


But acknowledging the true tragedy surrounding these fires, and the way they have touched everyone in some way, Wayne was compelled to leave another message :

Just read about Rex…..

…..Dad will be gutted…..

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[…] **** Update : Doug Burge has ben reported safe and well […]

Carmel Houston
Carmel Houston
12 years ago

I am inquring if Rex Norris was a brother to the late Thomas William Norris (late of echuca vic)
Carmel Houston (nee Norris)