Ruth Matic Greyhound Positive To Theobromine

GHRRA finalised an into the positive finding of in the urine sample taken from “” when it competed at on 21 January,

The evidence at the Inquiry revealed that the Trainer, , fed “Little Scoty Bar” the milk replacer product “Palastart Blue Milk Replacer”, which was subsequently tested by the Australian Racing Forensic Laboratory and shown to contain Theobromine. Chocolate, Cocoa or Theobromine were not as ingredients of the product on its packaging.

Ruth Matic pleaded Not Guilty to a breach of Rule 83(2)(a) which provides: “The owner, trainer or person in charge of a Greyhound – shall present the Greyhound free of any drug”.

After consideration she was found Guilty as charged.

Stewards disqualified “Little Scoty Bar” and amended the placing.

After careful consideration, Stewards believed it would not be appropriate to impose any penalty, as Ruth Matic was not aware that the product she was using did not disclose the correct ingredients.

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