Stewards’ wrap: GRNSW launches inquiry into Greens email

Stewards' wrap

GREYHOUND Racing New South Wales has announced it has launched an inquiry into comments allegedly made by a greyhound racing participant towards Greens MP Mehreen Faruqi.

The comments were made via email on March 11 which has recently been posted on Facebook by Faruqi.

A statement released by GRNSW on Thursday said “The comments allegedly made by the industry participant are abhorrent and do not reflect the views and values of GRNSW and the industry as a whole.

“GRNSW has great respect for Dr Faruqi and her concern for the safety and welfare of greyhounds, which remains GRNSW's paramount objective for a sustainable greyhound racing industry in NSW.

“GRNSW will not tolerate comments that are detrimental or prejudicial to the interest, image or promotion of greyhound racing and has immediately commenced an inquiry to investigate the comments allegedly made by the participant.”

Eastell fined for conduct

QUEENSLAND trainer Neville Eastell recently fronted a Queensland Commission inquiry in relation to his conduct at the trials on Thursday February 15, 2018.

Eastell was charged with breaching GAR 86(f)(i) after it was alleged that he engaged in the use of improper language towards steward Adam Carter.

Eastell pleaded not guilty, but was found guilty as charged and was subsequently fined $500, however acting under the provisions of GAR 95(3), decided to suspend $300 for a period of 12 months bending no breaches of the rules relating to during that period.

Murray cops suspended sentence and fine

GREYHOUND Racing South Australia (GRSA) stewards recently wrapped up an inquiry into the finding of two taken from the Heading My Way when it competed at on September 18, 2017.

Stewards charged trainer with breaching GAR 83(2)(a) after the greyhound's urine sample tested positive to meloxicam and .

Murray pleaded guilty to the charge, with evidence presented at the inquiry indicating that the positive result most likely came about as a result of advice provided by veterinarian regarding an appropriate withholding period.

He was disqualified for three months, with the sentence wholly suspended for 24 months pending no further breaches under the rule during that time. Murray was also fined $3,000.

Heading My Way was also disqualified from winning the race at Angle Park, with the placings amended accordingly.

Hefty penalty for breeding fiasco

KATHLEEN Johnstone recently faced a GRSA stewards' inquiry into the relation to the splitting of a breeding unit which was then inseminated into the bitches Excuses Moi and Banjo Blaze. This resulted in two litters of pups from the one breeding unit.

Johnstone was slapped with two charges. The first was under GAR 86(g) which is for failing to comply with a policy adopted by a body, the second being GAR 86(ac) for acting in an improper way in connection with the breeding of greyhounds.

Johnstone was found guilty of the charges. For charge one she was suspended for six months, with three months suspended for 24 months on the condition she does not re-offend under the same rule.

For the second charge Johnstone was fined $10,000.

In assessing the penalty, stewards considered her lengthy and unblemished record within the industry. However, they also wanted the penalty to act as a deterrent and also took into account the potential earnings from the two litters.