Stewards wrap: Owner banned for using cattle prod

A GREYHOUND owner caught on video using an electric cattle prod on his greyhound during a trial session at The Gardens has been disqualified from the sport for 15 months.

The owner in question, Robert Newstead, recently had his sentence handed down by Greyhound Racing NSW Stewards after being found guilty of breaching GAR 106 (2) and GAR 86 (aa).

Newstead entered an early guilty plea to both charges, with stewards making the decision to cancel his licence immediately.

Eaton fined

Central Coast trainer Jeffrey Eaton was the subject of a GRNSW stewards inquiry last week after being charged with two breaches of the prohibited substance rule, GAR 83(2).

Eaton’s greyhound La Grand Logie returned a positive urine sample to the prohibited substance O-desmethylvenlafaxine when competing at Wentworth Park on January 27 and Richmond on February 26.

Eaton was found guilty as charged and fined $750.

Kristy Sultana disqualified

Leading Sydney trainer Kristy Sultana entered an early guilty plea to a breach of GAR 83(2) after her greyhound, Melan, returned a positive urine sample to 6alpha-hydroxystanzolol after it competed at The Gardens on July 29, 2016.

After considering her early guilty plea and the surrounding circumstances, stewards slapped Sultana with an eight-week disqualification and a fine of $500.

Gardoll guilty of two substance breaches

GRNSW handed down a $1,500 fine to trainer Reg Gardoll last week after he was found guilty of two breaches of the prohibited substance rule.

Gardoll’s greyhounds Shags and Lady Spring had returned positive urine samples when they both competed at Grafton on December 28, 2015. The prohibited substances in question were meclofenoxate and 4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid.

Waight warned off

Trainer Mark Waight has been banned by GRNSW after being found guilty of misconduct under GAR 86(f) and GAR 86(g).

The charges related to Waight using improper and threatening behaviour towards a GRNSW steward after the race meeting at Casino on March 20, 2015.

Stewards decided to impose a five-year ban, two years of which have been suspended, with the period inclusive of the time served since he was warned off on March 20.

Paraskevas disqualified

Cranbourne trainer Andrew Paraskevas recently faced the Victoria Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board (RADB) after he was charged with a breach of GAR 83(2)(3).

Paraskevas had failed to present the greyhound World Of Noise to race free of a prohibited substance when it raced at The Meadows on Saturday May 21, with a urine sample showing the presence of Dehydronorketamine.

Paraskevas pleaded guilty to the charge and after considering the circumstances, the RADB handed down a nine-month disqualification, with seven months of that period suspended for 12 months pending no further breaches of GAR 83 within that time.

Paraskevas’ disqualification will commence on November 30.

Michael Fothergill charged with two rule breaches

Michael Fothergill recently fronted a RADB inquiry charged with two breaches of the rules, GAR 83(1A) and GAR 83(2)(3).

The charges related to Forthergill administering or causing to be administered a prohibited substance to the greyhound Cosmic Spur as well as presenting the greyhound to race not free of a prohibited substance at Shepparton on Saturday May 23.

The prohibited substance in question was theobromine, a metabolite of caffeine.

Fothergill pleaded guilty to the charges and conceded the swab was due to a lapse in judgement caused by feeding the greyhound a chocolate-topped caramel slice on its breakfast the day before the race.

The board decided to disqualify Fothergill for six months, with four months suspended for 12 months pending no further breaches of GAR 83 within that 12-month period.

Fothergill’s disqualification will commence on December 1, 2016.

Hamilton fined

Queensland mentor Ronald Hamilton was recently the subject of a Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC) Inquiry after his greyhound Chasing Rainbows returned a positive urine sample to meloxicam after competing at Ipswich on August 23, 2016.

Hamilton was charged with a breach of GAR 83(2)(a) to which he plead guilty and was subsequently fined $1,500.

Past Discussion

  1. I saw the cattle prod incident, if that was what it was? I saw nothing that convinced me that a cattle prod was used, maybe someone else did but on the video I saw, not guilty.

  2. Todman If that’s the case why did the GOOSE, plead guilty ! The question i ask ,what happen to those who let him onto the track in the first place ,maybe the animal activist  staged the whole show ?.

  3. If he pled guilty I would think something is wrong, there was NO actual evidence in that video. In this day and time strange things are happening.

  4. BobWhitelaw Todman  Bob I think  he was reported by other trainers – he had not much choice- the bigger question I think is why did the authorities do nothing about it until two years later when  they wanted to ban greyhound racing ?

  5. Still think it was a set up, using a prod would have caused much noise, it would be very painful, I think it’s a furphy even though this nong pled guilty, there is more to this.


    yeah I know,whats this got to do with stewards reports,and greys even. well people, I wanted to highlight,or at least draw attention to the WORD SUPERTRACKS.

    now we all have been heraring that similar naming amongst ‘secretive’ ALLIANCE proposals,seconded by the BAIRD government(in part) as the way to go. when one reads the dalliance of the PAKENHAM TURF CLUB, who took a ginormous gamble on moving from its old racing center(right in the heart of the town by the way)to its new premises further along the highway at TYNONG,one has to admire such a decision,and at the same time applaud the committee for its brave strategy.this is what is called a SUPERTRACK,or a CENTER OF EXCELLENCE for the horse industry. have a squiz through what it is,and deny a similar experience in the greyhound industry would not work.PAKENHAM allows for more traing,living virtually on the track by trainers,and even surrounding areas are selling acres like gold.this is a boom move for the horse industry,and we need to construct a similar design and make it a real SUPERTRACK FACILITY, based very similar on PAKENHAMS and also BALLARAT are making a very similar movement.

    the dogs centers of excellence have to allow for ALL levels of the industry,from breaking-in,trialing,racing,vetting,retiring as a GAP center….u get the picture. and in NSW, despite many howls of disagreeance,this is the way to go. it is the future for the industry.

    I believe 6 centers of excellence is all that is required to support the entire state with racing,training and retiring.

    of course there is  a BUT. the industry needs its fair share of what it produces for both TAB and even the stingy GOVERNMENT. the industry needs that share of fair production to build these centers and get them up and going,and just as importantly, fair equalisation of prizemonies at all centers. all centers will have exactly the same design,and more importantly,the prizemonies have to be equal at everyone of them.this eliminates the need for travelling say from GRAFTON to WENTY PARK…….its all there in GRAFTONS zone track of excellence. travel will be a thing of the past,and yes some zones will winge and groan,but its based on populace and figures don’t lie. no use having one at BROKEN HILL for example.

    so even though some are anti thoroughbred ideas, they are showing there cards to us. are we prepared to view and do? hope so..

  7. HEY ADMIN OF AGR……we need an ongoing facility to chat on a forum instead of jumping in on any topic to make a statement. anyone have the power to organise this for us all?

  8. spyman While i agree with what your proposing  which is  the way of moving forward  objections will come from all corners of the industry . With the most being the right to survive in the Greyhound Industry i don’t want to sound obnoxious ,but it will be a case of dog eat dog to survive! Spyman  I believe as you say the FAIR SHARE of all monies earned by the code would solve most of our problems. Every Race Club has the right to survive and if their not viable sorry the industry can not carry them any longer .Now for many years  the big clubs have had a monopoly on the money earned through the TAB distribution which is UNFAIR ! The Last remaining big club is still trying to call the shots to suit their own agenda and they are still trying to push their agenda to suit them by now calling themselves  THE ALLIANCE  I for one question  their integrity  of some when it comes to running a Race Club .They should not be dictating the terms for survival  for the rest of the industry ! WHY should we accept proven  failures.

  9. Todman  There was ‘intent’. He had the prod and he was at the starting box with a greyhound. It would be difficult for him to convince anyone that he had the prod to poke his own behind!

  10. Bad Apples Todman  he could not have been found guilty of intent it does not apply in this situation because it is a tribunal that operates under administrative law. It is irrelevant- he was reported by other trainers who made complaints and then further complaints when the matter had not been dealt with.  If he did it ( I have not seen all the evidence however the tribunal has found him guilty so he is guilty) have no sympathy for him I would not use a cattle prod on my cattle let alone a dog and he would receive very little sympathy from any other trainer either. Hopefully those in charge will now get off their backsides when other trainers report incidents and it may surprise you but that is where the majority come from.

  11. Deborah555 Bad Apples Todman  PS He plead guilty and that is the most convincing evidence of all and does speak to the fact he has at least done that. Many people in fact most people refuse to plead guilty in court situations even when the evidence is overwhelming suggesting the opposite and  good (skilled )  lawyers can and do get people off. Pleading guilty prevents money and time being wasted and at least he did that.

  12. Bad Apples Todman  LOL…..yep that’s about right. stupid man he is.its that type we need to rid from the industry.but being humans,there will always be one agitator.