Stewards’ wrap: Three fines and a disqualification in QLD

Stewards' wrap

THE Queensland Commission (QRIC) stewards recently concluded an inquiry into the findings of Amphetamine in a urine sample taken from the greyhound Bonknocka Prince.

The trainer of the greyhound, Kay Harradence was charged with a breach of GAR 83(2)(a) for failing to present a greyhound free of any prohibited substance after it returned the positive when competing at on June 3, 2017.

Harradence was found guilty as charged, with stewards handing down a nine-month disqualification. Bonknocka Prince was also disqualified from the race in question.

Stewards made allowances under GAR 95(3) to allow the registered greyhounds Feral Lad and Capregas to remain under Harradence’s care.

Burman fined for two positives

was the subject of a QRIC inquiry charged with two breaches of the prohibited substance rule, GAR 83(2)(3). The specifics of the charges were that Burman’s greyhounds and Elegant Strider returned positive urine samples to when competing at Albion Park and Capalaba respectively.

Burman was found guilty, with stewards considering several factors when making their decision including that these were the first two positive swabs throughout his training career.

A $2,000 fine was deemed sufficient, with both greyhounds also disqualified from their respective races, with placings amended accordingly.

Hunt fined

Sandra Hunt has been fined by the QRIC after her greyhound And You Are returned a positive urine sample to and its metabolites , and , after competing at Albion Park on May 10, 2017.

Hunt was found guilty of breaching GAR 83(2)(a) and was fined $1,500. And You Are was disqualified from the race in question as well as the subsequent final on May 18, 2017.

Peschke fined

Robert Peschke’s wallet is $2,000 lighter after being fined for a breach of the prohibited substance rule.

Peschke was found guilty of a breach of GAR 83(2)(a) after his greyhound Abby Normal returned a positive urine sample to Ethynyl Estradiol and Meloxicam after competing at on April 28, 2017.

Abby Normal was also disqualified from the race in question with the placings amended accordingly.

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