Stewards wrap: Trainer banned for 12 months

VICTORIAN trainer has been banned for 12 months and issued a $500 fine after he pleaded guilty to presenting a greyhound in his care with a banned substance in its system on two separate occasions.

Agius failed to present the greyhound ‘Snip Snap' free of any prohibited substance for an event at the meeting held on 13 May 2018 and again in an out of competition swab in June.

Testing of the sample showed the presence of methamphetamine and .

Dr. Steven Karamatic determined that given the length between the two positive tests that the initial transgression would not have carried through to a test a month later given the half life of the banned substance is under five hours

Taking into account a guilty plea from Agius, including an unblemished 20 year career as a trainer, GRV decided suspend eight months of his ban.

Snip Snap's result was also disqualified from race 6 at Sale on May 13, 2018.

Daniel Turnley fined for positive test

Trainer Daniel Turnley has been fined $600 after his greyhound Take The Rapid returned a positive pre-race urine sample for banned substance minoxidil at earlier in the year.

Take The Rapid returned the positive sample on on Feburuary 27, 2018, but the flagged sample did not fall into any of the four categories within GRV penalty guideline document.

Minoxidil is used to treat common baldness.

Taking into account that minoxidil would more than likely have a negative impact on , as well as the likelihood that any contamination was inadvertent stewards decided to issue a $600 fine.

Take The Rapid was also disqualified from race 7 at Cranbourne, February 27, 2018.