Stewards’ wrap: trainers in trouble for swabs and misconduct

Stewards' wrap

Sunbury trainer Jason Hardy recently faced a Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board (RADB) charged with three rule breaches relating to prohibited substances – GAR 83(1), GAR 83(2) and GAR 83A (1).

The charges were laid after Hardy’s greyhound Duff Bale returned a positive urine sample to above the allowed threshold prior to racing at on May 19, 2017.

Hardy admitted to administering two and a half mL of vitamin B complex to Duff Bale the day before the race, He has also given the greyhound 2 mL Winning Formula Iron Boost 2-4 days prior to racing. On the day of the race the greyhound had been given 3 mL of Aminoforte orally.

Greyhound Racing Victoria () stewards charged him with three offences. First GAR 83(1) for administering a prohibited substance to a greyhound presented for an event, secondly GAR 83(2) for presenting a greyhound for an event not free of a prohibited substance and finally GAR 83(1) for administering a treatment to a greyhound on the day of the meeting.

Hardy pleaded guilty. On charges 1 and 2 he was given a 12-month suspension with nine months suspended pending no breaches of GAR 83 in the next 12 months. On charge 3 he was handed down a six-month suspension with three months suspended.

His suspension commenced October 26 and will be served consecutively.

Peter Parker cops length ban

Greyhound Racing (GRNSW) recently finalised an inquiry into registered trainer Peter Parker who was charged with two rule breaches relating to an incident at on July 31.

The first charge was for disobeying and failing to comply with the order of a and the second was for preventing the greyhounds Miss Rock and Brooks to be swabbed. This resulted in the two greyhound being removed from the track without swabs being taken.

Parker pleaded guilty and stewards imposed a 20 month disqualification, to commence when his license was suspended on August 2, 2017.

Noel Miller fined and given suspended sentence

Noel Miller has been found guilty of breaching the greyhound racing relating to his conduct at a kennel inspection and the possession of two unlabelled and un-prescribed bottles found at his registered kennel address.

Greyhound Racing SA (GRSA) charged him with a breach of GAR 86(g) after it was deemed Miller had impeded and abused GRSA authorised officers conducting the kennel inspection.

He was found guilty and suspended for two months, wholly suspended for 12 months on the condition that he does not re-offend under the same rule.

Miller was also charged under GAR 84(2) for having a quantity of a prohibited substance without a prescription. He was found guilty and fined $100.

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