Brian Barnsley Receives Lengthy Disqualification In The Rouw Investigation


Mr. Brian Barnsley failed to present the Rouw free of any prohibited substance for an event at the Cranbourne Greyhound Racing Club on Wednesday, 1 January 2014.


Following advice from Racing Analytical Services Laboratory, the Stewards of Greyhound Racing conducted an investigation into the results of a post-race urine sample taken from greyhound Rouw at the Cranbourne Greyhound Racing Club meeting held on Wednesday, 1 January 2014.

During the investigation, Stewards received evidence from registered trainer Mr. Brian Barnsley, Mr. Glenn Barnsley (Trainer), Mr. Jason Goldsworthy (Owner), Mr. Paul Zahra (Racing Analytical Services Laboratory) and Dr. Steven Karamatic (Greyhound Racing Industry Veterinary Officer).

After considering the evidence, Stewards charged Mr. Barnsley with a breach of Rules 83(2) and (3) in that he did fail to present the greyhound Rouw free of any prohibited substance for an event at the Cranbourne Greyhound Racing Club meeting held on Wednesday, 1 January 2014 given that the post-race urine sample taken from the
greyhound indicated the presence of the prohibited substances and Methamphetamine.

Under Rule 47.1 of the Local Rules a breach of GAR83 (2) and (3) constitutes a Serious Offence. As a result, on Wednesday, 9 July 2014 this matter was heard before the Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board in the first instance under Greyhound Local Racing Rule 47.3 and Sections 83C(b) and 83M(1) of the Racing Act.

Mr. Brian Barnsley represented himself, with assistance from Mr. Glenn Barnsley.

Mr. Glenn Fish (GRV Chief Steward) represented the Stewards Panel.

Mr. Brian Barnsley pleaded guilty to the charge.

After hearing all the evidence tendered and having regard to GAR83 (2) and (3), the RADB determined that Mr. Barnsley was guilty as charged and disqualified him for 18 months (with 12 months of this penalty suspended for 12 months pending no further breaches of GAR83 during the 12 month period), effective from Wednesday, 9 July 2014.

In assessing penalty, the Board took into account all the evidence and submissions, including the following matters:

(a) Mr. Barnsley’s guilty plea;

(b) The nature of the prohibited substance Amphetamine and Methamphetamine, being category 4 prohibited substances under the GRV guidelines and permanently banned. The Board were satisfied that Mr. Barnsley was not directly involved in any
administration of the prohibited substances and that another person was the likely culprit. However, Mr. Barnsley as the trainer of Rouw bears responsibility under the Rules of greyhound racing for presenting the greyhound for racing drug free.

(c) The general deterrent effect and the need to maintain the of greyhound racing and ensure a level playing field for all participants;

(d) Prior penalties for similar offences;

(e) Mr. Barnsley’s age and good character (as evidenced by his written character references), his clean history and over 50 years as a registered person in the greyhound industry; and

(f) Mr. Barnsley’s community engagement through his volunteer roles in charitable and other organisations over many years.

Acting under GAR83(4), the RADB also disqualified Rouw from Event 2 – Browns Sawdust & Shavings Grade 5 – at the Cranbourne Greyhound Racing Club meeting held on Wednesday, 1 January 2014 and amended the placings as follows:

ARG Opinion:

The Barnsley investigation follows on from the Jason Goldsworthy RADB hearing and his lengthy two year disqualification. ARG’s opinion on this situation is detailed in this prior article relating to the case.

The GRV has made it perfectly clear that accidental administration isn’t acceptable and the lengthy disqualification handed down to someone of Brian Barnsley’s established character is a warning to all other participants.

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