TasRacing respond to “disappointing” criticism from Tas RSCPA CEO Jan Davis

, the governing body for greyhound racing in Tasmania, has issued a response to recent criticism from the .

The RSPCA's stance surprised and disappointed Tasracing CEO , especially in light of a recent meeting that he described as productive.

Jenkins stated, “We are very surprised, given the positive way the parties engaged at the meeting, but ultimately disappointed that Ms Davis appears unwilling to work with Tasracing on our ongoing effort to ensure outcomes for our racing animals are continually being enhanced.”

He further rejected any suggestion from RSPCA CEO Jan Davis that Tasracing needs to have greater accountability and transparency, emphasizing Tasracing's commitment to animal welfare as outlined in its annual report and monthly racing injury statistics.

The CEO also addressed inspections conducted by the RSPCA on properties in question, saying, “I understand the RSPCA has inspected properties in question of late on multiple occasions, which makes the criticism even harder to understand.”

He dismissed concerns about animal activist “noise” and rejected any notion that the industry was in “crisis.”

Jenkins expressed satisfaction that the majority of racing industry participants were acting responsibly in an animal welfare context.

Highlighting Tasracing's commitment to animal welfare, Jenkins announced the appointment of Dr. Martin Lenz to the newly created position of Chief Veterinary and Animal Welfare Officer.

Dr. Lenz's principal role will be to provide advice and services to Tasracing and the broader Tasmanian racing industry regarding animal welfare and veterinary services. He will also lead Tasracing's efforts to meet its animal welfare objectives.

Jenkins further detailed recent animal welfare initiatives, including the drafting of a comprehensive Equine , increased funding for the Greyhound Recovery Rebate Scheme, the greyhound desexing program, and multiple investments in infrastructure specifically relevant to animal welfare.

He also noted the ongoing implementation of recommendations from the Tasracing-commissioned Sykes Review into animal welfare, stating, “Work on more than half of the 83 recommendations from the review provided by Dr. David Sykes had either commenced or was completed during last financial year.”

He assured that all recommendations had been carefully assessed and scheduled for implementation based on welfare priorities.

The response from Tasracing underscores the organization's commitment to animal welfare and its willingness to engage with critics to enhance the welfare of racing animals.

It also highlights the measures being taken to ensure that the welfare of racing animals remains at the forefront of operational decisions.

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