Teachers and Nurses top the professions that adopt beloved racing greyhounds

New data from Queensland, Australia shows that teachers and nurses are the top two professions when it comes to opening their hearts and homes to retired racing greyhounds.

The Queensland Racing Commission () has just released new data about the people who adopt greyhounds via its Program (GAP).

The data stretches back to 2017 and highlights the multitude of occupations and professions of people who apply to adopt a greyhound after retiring from their greyhound racing careers.

QRIC Deputy Commissioner Natalie Connor said GAP has received applications from lawyers, doctors, police officers, baristas, hairdressers and even a YouTube influencer.

“We get applications for retired greyhounds from a huge variety of people, but it was nurses and teachers who took out the top professions,” Ms Connor said.

“However, whilst teachers and nurses where top of the table for those people still working, the biggest cohort of greyhound adopters is undeniably retirees.

“We know that greyhounds make the perfect pet for so many different people, but their tendency to lie around like lazy lounge lizards, or take leisurely short strolls, makes them the perfect partner for those who have left the workforce.

“I own a GAP greyhound so may be a little biased, but they are a beautiful breed of dog. They're cheeky, playful, sweet and gentle, and spend most of the day sleeping.”

Ms Conner said that there is a selection of adorable greyhounds available for adoption via GAP Queensland now, and given the current cost of living pressures, GAP Queensland was providing free food to anyone who adopted this month.

Every greyhound in the GAP program is health checked and behaviourally assessed, de-sexed, wormed and vaccinated.

Official greyhound adoption programs can be found in every state in Australia.

Official Australian Greyhound Adoption Programs

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