Queensland open the gates for Greyhound Adoption foster parents this Xmas

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The McGuills, a retired couple residing in Ferny Hills, southeast Queensland, have been actively involved with the Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) Queensland, fostering and caring for 19 greyhounds.

Their dedication to this cause has been fueled by their love for travel and desire to accommodate their lifestyle.

Interestingly, they have even become parents to one of their greyhounds, named Napolean.

According to Kathy McGuill the experience of fostering these creatures has been incredibly fulfilling.

Witnessing the transformation of their dogs personalities as they acquire skills and grow in confidence has brought them immense joy.

She shared that many of these greyhounds were unfamiliar with things like stairs or the sounds of traffic, making the outside world quite daunting for them.

Hence, it becomes crucial to approach their journey with gentleness and patience.

McGill also expressed how heartwarming it is to receive adoption updates from GAP staff when these dogs find forever homes.

Knowing that they have been placed in loving environments brings her a sense of fulfillment.

GAP Queensland operates under the guidance of the Queensland Racing Commission () relying heavily on individuals who serve as carers.

These dedicated individuals play a role in helping retired racing greyhounds transition into pets by introducing them to new experiences and routines.

GAP Queensland has recently launched a campaign called “Foster, for Christmas” in which they are urging dog lovers, who can only commit part-time to consider taking care of racing greyhounds during the holiday season.

Those who choose to foster a greyhound for Christmas will receive all the supplies and support from GAP.

This includes food, dishes, dental care, winter clothes, collars, leads, and ongoing guidance from their expert team.

Natalie Conner, the Deputy Commissioner of QRIC (Queensland Commission) mentioned that individuals planning to stay during Christmas are in a position to become foster carers.

“If you have some love to give this Christmas season, why not share it with a GAP greyhound? Let us provide you with all the support so that you can focus on what matters.

Giving these retired racers a loving home for the festive period ” she said.

Those interested in becoming Christmas carers can collect their companions at or before the GAPs Homeward Hounds event on Saturday 18th November.

If you're on fostering and making a difference this holiday season, foster applications are now open.

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