Twelve Month Disqualification For Knowingly Starting Granddaughter’s Greyhound On Depo Medrol

concluded an into the analyst’s reports that the urine sample taken from Maybe A Goer after that greyhound had run second in Race 1, the Stakes at on 27 February 2012, had been analysed and found to contain the prohibited substance Methylprednisolone.

Evidence was taken from trainer Ms Crystal Pillar, her grandfather Mr N , Mr V Catania, and Dr A Cawley from the Australian Racing Forensic Laboratory. Written evidence was entered from Dr C Suann the ARFL Senior Veterinarian, and Mr M Jarrett Manager Analytical Services, Racing Science Centre Queensland.

During the course of the inquiry it was established that Mr Corcoran had requested Mr Catania to examine Maybe A Goer on 26 February 2012, after the greyhound had raced the night prior at , and 24 hours before its engagement at Bulli for which the positive urine sample was returned.

Although aware of Mr Catania’s visit, Ms Pillar was not present at the time, and was misled as to the treatment given which included an intramuscular injection of Depo Medrol known to contain the prohibited substance Methylprenisolone. Mr Corcoran defied the advice of Mr Catania to not start the greyhound at Bulli and falsified treatment advice to Ms Pillar.

Ms Pillar pleaded not guilty to a charge under GAR 83(2)(a) in that she presented Maybe A Goer for the race in question other than free of a prohibited substance in that the urine sample taken from the greyhound was found to contain Methylprednisolone. Ms Pillar was ultimately found guilty as charged.

Ms Pillar was fined $300 and suspended for two months, with the suspension suspended for 12 months on the basis of no further breach of GAR 83(2)(a). In determining the penalty Stewards took into consideration Ms Pillar’s not guilty plea, her limited period of licensing, and the fact Mr Corcoran had purposely withheld information from her. Stewards however felt Ms Pillar had culpability in the matter in that she was aware the greyhound had pulled up sore following the Richmond race, yet started the dog 48 hours later, and not being present while the examination by Mr Catania was carried out.

Mr Corcoran pleaded guilty to a charge under GAR 83(1)(c) in that he had prior knowledge of the of a prohibited substance for the purpose of affecting its condition.

Mr Corcoran was disqualified for 12 months. In determining penalty, Stewards took into consideration Mr Corcoran’s guilty plea, his reprehensible behaviour in that he deliberately misled Ms Pillar regarding the treatment advice subsequently embroiling her in the inquiry, defied the advice of Mr Catania not to race the dog knowing a prohibited substance had been administered, and that he expressly circumvented the of racing exposing Ms Pillar as the trainer of the greyhound.

Under GAR 83(4) Maybe A Goer was disqualified from the event and Ms Pillar directed to re-pay the second placed of $300. The placings were amended to read:
1st Molly’s Mercedes
2nd Marbec
3rd Action man

With all other runners elevated one finishing position.

Both Ms Pillar and Mr Corcoran were notified of their right of appeal.

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