Bliskem Gets Reward For Effort From Sandown And Rapidvite

The training combination of Ian and has won a $500 product voucher simply by nominating their kennel ‘greybeard’ for a grade 5 heat at Park during the first six months of 2010.

As part of a promotion between Rapidvite and , every six months one greyhound that has been nominated for a Grade 5 series at Sandown Park will be drawn at random, with the greyhound’s trainer to receive a $500 voucher to use on the Rapidvite products of their choice.

Bliksem was a first reserve for the last race on April 29 which was ultimately taken out by the impressive youngster Penthouse in a time of 29.52.

Although he failed to gain a start that night, Bliksem was still a worthy winner of the $500 random draw in light of his racing relationship with the venue which has seen him rack up 43 starts as of last Thursday night, resulting in victories on nine separate occasions.

The random draw for the $500 Rapidvite voucher is additional to the $100 Rapidvite voucher and Sandown Tabaret dinner voucher on offer to the winner of each of Sandown Park’s 15 Grade 5 series throughout the year.

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