Bums Required For Three Empty Chairs At GRV HQ

The Vivtorian Brumby Labor will advertise for the best and brightest candidates to fill chair and board positions for Greyhound Racing .

Deputy Premier and Racing Minister said advertisements would be placed in newspapers this weekend to replace Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) chairwoman Jan Wilson, whose appointments expire on 31 December.

The advertisements will also call for expressions of interest to fill upcoming board vacancies, including two GRV board positions.

“Jan Wilson had been a fantastic leader in heir field and this presents a unique opportunity for the Greyhound Racing Victoria board to go from strength to strength,” Mr Hulls said.

Mr Hulls said the decision would allow Mrs Wilson and her current board to work with the Brumby Labor Government to develop a succession plan to ensure the strong position of the Victorian greyhound racing industries is maintained.

“Working together with the current chair and board, I intend to seek out the best and brightest candidates who will have the skills, talent and determination to continue to take the forward,” Mr Hulls said.

Jan Wilson was first appointed to GRV in December 1999. Mr Hulls said Mrs Wilson had overseen a 20 per cent increase in the greyhound racing industry’s market share since 2004, an increase in of 36 per cent to $22.7 million, and an increase in off-course turnover from $466 million to $662 million per annum during the same period.

“Mrs Wilson has shown impressive dedication to making the greyhound racing industry in Victoria a solid performer, not only in financial terms but also in ,” Mr Hulls said. “Through GRV’s Greyhound Adoption Program, which was established at Seymour in 2004, Victoria has arguably led the nation in animal welfare. The series, which helps raise money for community groups supporting people with intellectual and disabilities, has also been fantastic in linking greyhound racing to the wider community.”

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