Victorian Racing Industry Support Integrity Report

The Victorian racing industry has issued a positive response to the Victorian Assurance Report completed by Judge Gordon Lewis and released today the Minister for Racing .

Limited, Harness Racing Victoria and Greyhound Racing Victoria expressed their satisfaction with Judge Lewis' determination that the existing internal integrity services and systems should remain a function of the controlling bodies of each of the three codes.

Judge Lewis has chosen not to advance the alternative option of excising these functions into a separate body.

Racing Victoria chairman Michael Duffy said: “RVL accepts there is always room for improvement and Judge Lewis has identified a number of key measures, the thrust of which we support, and will be fine tuned in conjunction with the , police authorities and the other racing codes.

“Implementing the changes will be a complex task and we will need to carefully work through the detail of the recommendations over the coming months.

“RVL was pleased with Judge Lewis' commendation of the Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board and his recommendation that the model become the centrepiece of the structural changes to the industry's appeals and disciplinary processes.”

Harness Racing Victoria Chairman Neil Busse said: ”The HRV Board places the utmost importance on the integrity of the harness racing industry and thus we were pleased to work closely with Judge Lewis during his review.

“In principle, HRV supports the recommendations made by Judge Lewis and we look forward to being an active member of the working party that has been established to consider his recommendations including carrying out a cost-benefit analysis on some of those recommendations.”

Greyhound Racing Victoria chairman welcomed the report on the basis that it will further enhance GRV's strong position on integrity matters.

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