Dyna Villa Aims Up For Wheeler Glory In The Melbourne Cup

The world’s biggest race is about to take place and it wouldn’t be the same without the world’s biggest owner playing a significant hand. is in Melbourne to watch his young star attempt to etch his name into the record books for trainer Jenny Hunt.

“I think the whole race revolves around the race to the turn. It’s a level field, although he is as quick as anything in the race he will need luck to the first turn. He is definitely an exciting young dog that’s shown a hell of a lot of promise”, explained Paul.

It’s a huge day on many levels for the Wheeler’s, with former superstar currently whelping a litter to American sire Yahoo Omar.

“It’s such a busy time of the year at the moment, with a lot of bitches whelping. Irma has just had her seventh pup to Yahoo Omar and there might be some more coming, she is a fantastic mum so far”, an excited Jan Wheeler stated from the Wheeler’s farm near Young.

“I love the whelping side of it. But it’s exciting to see the all the hard work pay off. Brendan broke Dyna Villa in and said he broke in super and always had a ton of talent, so it’s a real family effort. I’m not sure about the box eight draw, but we will have our fingers crossed up here.”

Speaking to Paul it’s hard not to take in the massive passion he has for the side of his operation. It’s also obvious in discussion that the empire that’s been created by the Wheeler family is truly staggering.

“The mum of Dyna Villa is Roxio Bale and she’s a litter sister to ’s mother. So there is exceptional breeding from the dam’s side. We have had Xylia Allen and retire recently, so the torch has been passed to and this dog. We have had some very good feedback on some of the Barcia pups, so that’s very exciting as well.”

When asked what he thought would happen tonight Paul provided the following thoughts.

“In front they will be flat out catching him, but there is a heap of pace out wide and any scrimmage will have him come out the worst from box eight.”

The future is definitely bright for this son of and the excitement from Paul is extremely evident.

“He looks like being really handy. To be only two years old and achieve what he has is fantastic. He’s done exceptionally well to get where he is at the age that he is. He’s the youngest dog in the field and to be the fastest qualifier is an enormous effort. He could end up being a very very good one, that’s for sure.”

Football fans are well accustomed to the saying “take it a week at a time” and in the case of greyhound racing it’s the perfect quote.

“We don’t have any plans moving forward. Take it one race at a time and see how they go. If they are fit and well then it’s up to the trainers to place the dogs to maximum effect.”

If there was a litter around that typified the highs and lows of the sport, the Collision – Roxio Bale litter would do a pretty good job.

“Hopefully Villa can carry the flag for Dyna Synch. He was put down after suffering from a broken leg at in a horrible fall. He was a dog that was just starting to put it together and we had genuinely high hopes for him.”

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