Prominent Greyhound Establishment Under Investigation ?

Stewards InquiryAustralian Racing has become aware that one of ’s leading greyhound establishments may have become the focus of continued investigations by the .

Sources close to the action have told Australian Racing that the further inquiries by the GRV are the direct result of recent kennel inspections in the area and are thought to be centred around the GRV’s new animal policies.

In December 2007 and January 2008, the GRV Board approved changes and additions the GRV Local Racing Rules which supplement the Racing Rules. These changes were specifically aimed at improving the tracking of greyhounds from birth to retirement and introduced new measures that placed new emphasis on the owners responsibilty to animal welfare concerns.

Specifically, the two new are :

  • 42.3 For the purposes of GAR 106(3), the board directs the last registered owner of that greyhound will be responsible for that greyhound and shall advise the board if that greyhound is to be retired as a pet, a breeding greyhound, a greyhound, or has been humanely euthanized by a veterinarian. [GRV 25.9.07 – revised 1.1.08]
  • 42.4 (a) On the sale or disposal of an unnamed greyhound, the breeders or last registered owner must within ten (10) working days of the sale or disposal, notify the Board using the appropriate form of that occurance. [GRV18.12.07]
  • 42.4 (b) A person who purchases or acquires the ownership of an unnamed greyhound must within ten (10) working days, notify the Board of the purchase or acquisition using the appropriate form. [GRV 18.12.07]

The establishment under investigation was at one time one of the largest breeding establishments in the state and inquiries are thought to be centred around discrepancies in the number of greyhounds whelped and their subsequent sale, racing, retirement or disposal.

It remains unclear as to whether inquiries are also being made to determine if, where euthanasia has been performed; that it has been performed by a veterinarian as prescribed by the Local Racing Rules.

Given the numbers of greyhounds bred or trained on the property in recent years, it is thought the numbers of greyhounds involved could be in the hundreds.

Noone from the GRV were able to either confirm or deny that any greyhound establishment in Victoria was currently under investigation.

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barry parker
barry parker
12 years ago

i agree thompson should have been fined $10000 plus suspended it all one just one big joke on grv