Victa Damian set to challenge She’s A Pearl in Golden Easter Egg

Victa Damian
was a convincing 4 1/4-length winner of the Final at Wentworth Park on Saturday night.

She’s A Pearl may be the queen of Wentworth Park, but Tony Rasmussen believes his star chaser Victa Damian can challenge her in this year’s Golden .

This comes after the precocious 23-month-old dog’s amazing 4 ¼-length victory in the National Derby Final over 520m at NSW’s home of greyhound racing on Saturday night.

Victa Damian’s run was so good, he crossed the finishing line in a faster time (29.47 seconds) than the great She’s A Pearl, who won the Final in 29.50 seconds.

The way the young star mowed down eventual runner-up Starline Express on the back straight – after trailing by three lengths – had ‘elite level’ written all over it.

2023 National Derby Final – Victa Damian (1st)

It was enough for Rasmussen to declare he will “definitely” be back to challenge She’s A Pearl for the Golden Easter Egg title at the same venue.

“This is just enormous for our family,” he told The Dogs.

“The doors will open with this dog, they seriously will.

“I’ll be back for the Easter Egg; that’ll be a definite.”

Rasmussen’s wife and co-trainer, Lisa, told Australian Racing Greyhound after Victa Damian’s National Derby heat win that he was the best dog she and Tony have put a collar on at this stage of his career.

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That was when Victa Damian ran a scorching heat to triumph by 7 ¾ lengths in 29.44 seconds.

And Rasmussen knew his young kennel star would be very hard to beat in the National Derby after his jaw-dropping trial time at Wentworth Park.

It was the first time Victa Damian set foot on the historic venue, instantly proving he belonged there.

“I travelled three times here – once for a trial, once for the heats and back for the final,” he said.

“I trailled here on a Wednesday before the races at three o’clock.

“It was a private trial and nobody knew we he trialled.

“His first look here was (29.57), and it rained 20 minutes before.

“The dog is a good dog. He’s proven to me that he can do it from the front and behind.”

Rasmussen knew he had a potential great of greyhound racing in his kennel after he saw him burn around in a trial he won’t forget easily.

“I trialled him at Murray Bridge one day on a hand-slip because it was too hot to go to on Tuesday, and he smashed it,” he said.

“He went 21.45. It was just unbelievable – they don’t at Murray Bridge.

was behind the boxes and he said ‘he’s a bloody good dog – look after him’.

“That was all he said to me.”

What is so exciting for Victa Damian fans is – apart from his age – how much he has taken to racing at Wentworth Park.

Health permitting, he looks destined to be right in the mix for both the Golden Easter Egg and at the Glebe venue.

“He’s good for a dog who’s only had a few starts, isn’t he?” Rasmussen said.

“This track suits him. He proved that.”

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