Victoria Gets Its New Racing Integrity Commissioner

Victorian Deputy Premier and Minister for Racing today announced former officer and corporate security specialist as Victoria's inaugural Commissioner.

Mr Hulls said Mr Perna was ideally suited for the role and would further strengthen probity to Victorian racing, which is widely recognised as one of the best racing industries in the world.

“With a strong background in law enforcement through 20 years with Victoria Police and extensive experience as the head of Corporate Security with Australia Post and Telstra, Mr Perna is an outstanding candidate,” Mr Hulls said.

“Mr Perna has an outstanding record in both public and private security and as a former Detective Inspector with Victoria Police, he has a wealth of investigative experience to draw on. He has also developed an anti-corruption program for Tennis Australia.

“His professional experience and comprehensive knowledge of assurance will provide tremendous benefits for our racing industry and further entrench it as one of the world's best run and most effectively monitored racing industries.”

Mr Perna's appointment follows the release in August 2008 of Judge Gordon Lewis' report on integrity assurance in the Victorian racing industry and to establish the Commissioner which passed Parliament in October last year.

Mr Hulls said a key recommendation of Judge Lewis' report was to establish a Racing Integrity Commissioner with stand-alone and statutory powers to provide independent oversight of integrity assurance in the Victorian racing industry.

“Mr Perna's role as Racing Integrity Commissioner will be crucial to strengthening integrity assurance in the Victorian racing industry,” Mr Hulls said.

“It is a position of great responsibility, one I expect Mr Perna will carry out with the highest standards of integrity and respect.”

In his role as Commissioner, Mr Perna will work closely with the racing industry controlling bodies and other authorities such as the Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation, Victoria Police and the Federal Police.

Through these working relationships, the Commissioner will monitor integrity assurances in the industry and improve -sharing on integrity related matters specific to racing.

Mr Perna's appointment is a full time position for a period of two years.

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