WA Star All Set For Shootout Success

has without a doubt done WA proud. Winning greyhound racing’s version of the Cox Plate, the 1 Topgun, on Saturday night was the icing on top of a highly decorated cake.

Nothing brings the segregated people of WA together like their very own calendar boy. In the member’s area of the greyhounds on Saturday night, there was no-one that didn’t let out a cheer for Paul Stuart’s star chaser.

As soon as Dyna Nalin pushed through on the first turn and sat in third position, confidence filled the room. His come-from-behind style is something that WA has grown used to. ’s voice was decibels above the rest, cheering Dyna Nalin home as he crossed the line to a standing ovation from his WA crowd.

“I was overwhelmed by winning the race because he wasn’t expected to win”, Paul Stuart said.

“My bloke came out better then normal. Had he been half a length slower he would have been on the receiving end- rather than just getting his back legs taken out, the whole of him would have shifted.”

Stuart had less confidence in his chaser then his WA counterparts when hitting the first corner.

“I was a little bit concerned that it was Peter Rocket in front and not one of the other leaders, because he was always going to be pretty hard to run down.”

“Glen Gallon came out really well, so it was five across the track. The two possible leaders missed the kick.”

Stuart believed it would have changed the complexity of the race if Tomac Bale had of jumped in front.

“Tomac Bale was the other one who tried to anticipate the start and banged his head on the lids and missed the start.”

“He came out with them but he didn’t get the lead advantage that he usually would get.”

“If he had of used that advantage he would have been harder to chase.”

On the night, Stuart was unaware Dyna Nalin had overcome being turned in order to get into a leading position. Only upon watching the replay did he really begin to appreciate what his chaser went through to win the race.

“All I saw was that he was with them early and he stayed straight and then I saw that he happened (to be) sitting second, so he must have got around cleanly.”

“His biggest concern was how he was going to get past. I thought he was going to get chopped out half way down the home straight, he has a habit of trying to anticipate what a dog is trying to do in front.”

“Lucky he punched up underneath rather than checking off heals because it would have cost him a few lengths.”

Once Dyna Nalin sat close to the rails, Stuart had confidence that his chaser would finish in first place.

The son of Ashom Bale is owned by , whose family have a pretty good hold on the Topgun. Dyna Nalin was not only their third contender in the race- but their third consecutive winner.

“It was the roughie that got up for them and a good result for myself.”

Winning the Topgun with Dyna Nalin was an enjoyable experience. Stuart didn’t feel as though there was pressure for his dog to win the race because he wasn’t odds on favourite.

“He hasn’t been put on a pedestal like was.”

Racing Miata in big races was the most pressure Stuart has ever been under.

“If he got beat, no one would have thought anything of it. When you have Miata and she gets beat they still talk to you, asking why.”

“It’s a lot easier racing him.”

Dyna Nalin pulled up great after his unexpected win.

“He is bouncing around like a lunatic, he is 100 per cent.”

Topping off an outstanding month for Dyna Nalin, he has made it into the four dog Shoot Out at Park. In preparation for the Shootout, Dyna Nalin will trial there on Saturday morning.

“After the Topgun win he would have been pretty hard pressed not to get in there, especially with only 6 nominations.”

“I wasn’t fussed if he got in or not because we had another plan of attack with him.”

Because the Shootout is a race based on pure ability; it may be a bit harder this time around for the WA representative.

“He is smart in a full field, you can’t get away with too much when there is only three others. They are going to be a lot better suited to the four-dog format.”

“He wins a lot of his races through his track sense, that gets taken out play when you only have 3 dogs to work with.”

“He wouldn’t run any quicker on his own then he would in a race.”

Stuart believes all the dogs that made it into the Shootout picked themselves.

“All the dogs that got in earned and deserved their spot in the race.”

Stuart will stay in WA for the Shootout because Miata is due to have her puppies on day. Dyna Nalin is in the care of to reduce the amount of traveling he has to do prior to the big race.

“At the moment, staying over there has worked well because it is heating up over here.”

“He needs a couple of looks at Sandown and he wouldn’t have had the opportunity if I had of brought him home. It’s a good relationship we have, he is in the best of hands.”

Wanting and receiving a middle box, Dyna Nalin will be jumping from box three.

“The box draw is of vital importance.”

“It is a bit of an upside box draw, but I am happy where he is, it gives him every opportunity.”

“It means if he comes out he can do his own running from there.”

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