2014 Lew Dorsa Memorial Preview

With WA talent bursting at the seams it’s almost impossible to pick a winner in the 2014 on Saturday night. stole the spotlight in his return to the winner’s circle last week and Te Amo pulled out one of her best performances to date to earn her rug in the $13,500 to the winner final.

Te Amo stopped the clock at 30.33 over the 530 metre distance, an equal personal best, much to the delight of Owner Breeder Michelle Romer.

“I knew she would lead; Gone To Heaven was the only one that I was a bit worried about. When she got around that first bend I have to admit that I thought she had the race, but I was on edge every second until she hit the finishing line.” Michelle explained.

“I think it would have to be one of her best, but nine times out of ten she leads anyway. I could probably think of a couple of her runs that were better in the sense that she got into a bit more trouble and it was a bit harder for.”

It was the daughter of – Osti’s Bride’s first win since her return from a stint at . Te Amo shot to the lead from box three after starting favourite, with the closest chaser Merlot Monelli four lengths behind. She didn’t show any signs of weakening as she crossed the finishing line.

“With Shots (Te Amo), it’s not like she is in the lead and you know she will win, it’s more; is anyone going to come up and run her down. I am never confident with Shots until she is over the finish line. With other dogs like , you know when they are in front they are going to win.”

has five of the eight chasers in the Lew Dorsa final and her best chance lies with Zelemar Fever, who is jumping from box three.

On Coin has been blessed with box one and his nearly perfect record from the cherry has earned him $3.00 second favoritism heading into the race. Last week he looked to have improved on his box manners dramatically compared to what they were before his injury induced stint on the sidelines. If On Coin takes out the Lew Dorsa Memorial for trainer it will be the second consecutive year Crossley has come away with the win, with Boss Coin taking out the honours last year.

Star is jumping from box two paying $4.50 for the win. Her early box speed may not be too much of an advantage with more then half the field relying on the early stages of the race to give them a helping hand. She isn’t weak, but there are a number of chasers that will be able to catch her in the home straight if they are close enough.

Zelemar Fever has received box three and $2.80 favouritism heading into the final. Last week in the heat she ran second to On Coin who matched her early speed. Her run home was more than impressive; she was held up on multiple occasions preventing her from snatching the victory from On Coin. If she is to get a clear run on Saturday night she is more then capable of clocking some very quick times.

Te Amo has been handed box four this week and is paying $5.00. She will more then likely lead the field out of the , as strong as her run looked last week she will have to lead by a decent margin to prevent the field from catching her on the line.

The old veteran of the race Gomes has drawn box five. He is more then capable of sneaking this victory despite being the oldest dog in the race. His heat win was more than impressive, recording a personal best time of 30.38.

Merlot Monelli is jumping from box six as a 30.00 outsider. Last week he couldn’t catch Te Amo despite jumping from box one. This week the trained chaser is going to need everything to go his way if he is going to win this race.

Hillbilly Flash drew box seven after his kennel mate Astronomic was scratched early from the field. He has clocked 30.30 at the start of the year, which should give him a chance come box rise. It’s hard to see him taking out the race with all the speed and strength on the inside of him.

Kasumi Rose rounds out the Lew Dorsa field in box eight paying $50.00 for the win. Last week was her best performance in WA, flying out of the boxes only to be run down by Astronomic. She isn’t up to this class of dog and is going to need a lot to go her way if she is to win.

“It’s a really good field. Every dog in that race deserves to be there and it just goes to show you how high the talent is here in WA.” Romer explained.

“I’m not confident that she (Te Amo) is going to win it but it’s great to have her there, Shots is always in those finals and that’s all you can ask.”

With Romer being close friends with Linda Britton as well as John and Brenda Crossley, she is more then happy for any of their chasers to take out the Lew Dorsa Memorial.

“I think it’s a toss up between On Coin and Zelemar Fever. Any of those eight greyhounds could win the race, but with On Coin out of box one I would say him. It’s all fun and friendly competition!”

The Lew Dorsa Memorial is set to jump at 8.32pm Perth time at the 530 metre boxes. It is more then likely going to be a clock-watching affair with the majority of the race relying on their early speed.

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