What’s next for the participants in NSW? they haven’t been told

Welfare groups are already getting their rice confetti out, ready to throw their hands in the air and celebrate.

But there is another group of people in this who have had their lives torn apart. The decision to end greyhound racing in NSW means thousands and thousands of people will be unemployed, either directly or indirectly. Participants who are in other states, despite reassurances to the contrary, must have exceptionally heavy hearts as they fear for their futures in the coming days, months and years.

The question so inadequately answered in all this is what happens to all those involved in the industry once the dust has settled on that last race, once the gates are closed on the parks and the debtors come into claim what’s left?

Are all the members of these welfare groups going to systematically put their hands up to each adopt a greyhound? Will we see our beloved Premier (Mike Baird) walking a couple greyhounds “he has saved” around the block 6 months down the track.

I don’t think so.

Is our mate Baird going to help all those in the industry find jobs? A one off payment isn’t going to help most of them for very long.

You can’t judge everyone in the industry the same. As in all industries you have the good and the bad. There are more good owners/trainers/rearers out there that treat their dogs like royalty than not. Their dogs have the best of foods, are checked on several times a day, including early mornings and late nights. They are exercised and cared for and have regular vet checks. How many every day Australian dog owners do that?

If widespread cruelty is the basis for this ban how about we target and go after individuals that bring this industry down not the whole industry.

We need to put everything into perspective – they are shutting down a million dollar industry because of a few bad eggs while we still have homeless people dying of hunger and cold in our midst.

They are shutting down an industry that supports 1000’s of people financially every year because of a few bad eggs.

I have no doubt our mate Baird thinks he will be able to sleep better at night now, shame that there are 1000’s in the industry that won’t be able to as they are worrying where their next meal will come from and how they are going to feed their dogs.

Past Discussion

  1. So it was all a sham & scam, from sacking the old board

    Literally spending millions on rent, welfare, wages , vehicles etc etc

    we should have twigged when an AJC member got the job

  2. Animal welfare has been the industry’s problem to address for decades. They didn’t do it, were found out to be systematically covering up the high numbers of slaughtered animals – and now expect welfare groups to pick up the pieces?? I don’t think so.

    That thousands of people will lose their jobs is undoubtedly a significant issue – but not so much that an industry revolving around animal torture and abuse (as was clearly shown in the 800 page report) should be sustained for their livelihoods. The report illustrated that the industry did not have the capacity to reform; this is your cross to bear and I lose no sleep over the decision. Go pack shelves for all I care.

  3. That’s directly affected, there’s thousands more in the meat, kibble vitamins etc, dogs beds , muzzles , trailers etc that are a shit load worse off as well

  4. sparklingspear You probably should’ve twigged when the leaders of your industry were shown to systematically hide the killings of 100 dogs per week for a decade.

  5. I feel very sorry for nsw people but lets hope for the good of the game everywhere that greedy scum like wheeler go to the wall.

  6. Give up the “treat their dogs like royalty” line.  For every top performing dog that actually gets treated like royalty, more non-performing dogs were bred.  Such selective vision, no one is buying that BS anymore.

    And it’s not about a few bad eggs, you seriously don’t get it.  It’s about an industry that is incapable of operating without producing a huge surplus of animals the caring of which becomes a problem.  The public doesn’t accept producing huge numbers of dogs just to kill them, you (the industry) aren’t prepared (and can’t afford to) actually look after them, and it’s ridiculous to expect animal welfare groups and adoption agencies to deal with even more unwanted animals flooding onto the scene when we already can’t deal with the number of unwanted animals floating around.

  7. What else could you expect from a scum liberal government you nsw people voted baird in so it no good blaming others if you are silly enough to vote for and trust any liberal government..It wouldnt happen with a labor government.You voted them in now you are paying the price 

  8. sopitted sparklingspear harness and gallopsall the horses where do they all end up you  blind sided fools DEAD not out in a green paddock somewhere

    they are strung up in a knackery and cut up for dog meat. last 3 years in Melbourne cup (the race that stops a nation horses have been killed) BAIRD don’t you care . He cares so much about the welfare of Geyhoundsin nsw lets see if the BAIRD government stop wagering on all greyhound racing in NSW you cant ban it here an still let people gamble on it elsewhere that’s hypocritical

  9. impact sopitted sparklingspear Good use of capitals, really shows the passion.

    To be clear…. your argument is that the horse racing industry also kills their animals, so you should be able to as well.

    This isn’t about the horse racing industry, it’s about greyhounds – so one thing at a time. Let’s focus on just how despicable the behaviour ignored by GRNSW was. Once we’ve fully uncovered the mass euthanasia, torture, drugging, and general abuse of your ‘beloved’ animals, then we might move onto the issue of horse racing. They can shut that down too for all I care.

    It’s hardly hypocritical to shut down the industry in one state while still allowing gambling. He’s managed to stop you and your brethren killing about 50,000 dogs for no reason over the next decade. Do you understand why that’s a good thing? The existence of greyhounds and gambling through other states are out of his control. He’s done all he can to stop your baseless massacre.

  10. sopitted impact sparklingspear Then the Baird government need to ban all wagering on all greyhound, harness and gallop meetings in nsw sopitted bet you had a flutter on the cup last year didn’t bother you that horses were killed straight after the race  

    you cant have your cake and eat it too 400 ex race horses killed last month at one nsw knackery  

  11. To be perfectly frank, I wasn’t aware that such a high mortality rate plagued either industry until the ABC program brought it to my attention.

    Now that I’m aware of it, I’m happy to ban all three codes if it’s demonstrated that the practices can’t be effectively stopped.

    So there you are. Ban the lot, because it’s obvious (from both the greyhound enquiry and your own condemnation of horse racing) that none of these industries can be trusted to operate morally or with integrity.

    Now what’s your argument?

  12. sopitted The trouble is the numbers are flawed. I’ve got two in my backyard, one’s 5 & the other nearly 13, guess what? Both are considered part of the ‘wastage’ number.

    Once they stopped racing no one knew where they went, this only changed a few years ago that notifications had to be supplied.

    It’s a bit rich to use numbers that no one can prove either way. Good or bad.

  13. You can talk you small minded individuals, you are typical do Gooders who have nothing better to do than jump on a misinformed bandwagon. How about using your time more wisely and getting jobs. The numbers and allegations which have been made are drastically exaggerated. Most trainers and owners have tremendous respect and love for the greyhounds this is why they get involved in the industry to begin with. Have you ever been to the greyhound races? ( I Doubt it) The dogs are so excited and happy. They are doing what they love and what they have been bred to do for thousands of years, in fact they have been racing since before the Egyptians. Think of these beautiful creatures most will have to be destroyed if this ridiculous ban is enforced and it will surely be the extinction of the breed as we know it. Instead of trying to make snide remarks why don’t you try and put some practical suggestions out there. Let’s try and reduce injuries to greyhounds eg implementing more of the single turn tracks. Let’s track every greyhound bred and ensure they are re homed when necessary. Let’s crack down on the despicable degenerates who have infiltrated this beloved sport just for the money who have no love or respect for any animal. Don’t forget this is a government regulated industry they have the power to check up on every trainer,owner and greyhound at any time obviously they haven’t been doing their job properly. Don’t let these innocent greyhounds pay the price for a lazy government and a few degenerates who have infiltrated the industry purely for financial gain.

    Save greyhound racing and save the dogs. Don’t deny these beautiful animals the right to do what they enjoy most. Otherwise your no better than the cruel degenerates who have brought the sport into disrepute.

  14. Hi Lexi

    Here’s the problems. Because you’ve illustrated many (and I’ll ignore your name-calling. Some single minded fools use competent arguments instead).

    1. I have a job. Permanently employed for over 20 years. Never been on the dole. Nice try.

    2. The numbers used are a result of an independent enquiry that found one in ten people are live baiting and that over 50,000 dogs are killed each decade. Don’t just say “That’s exaggerated.” Give me proof. Give me statistics.

    3. “Most owners have love and respect for their dogs.” Which ones? The ones they keep? Or the ones they kill for being too slow??

    4. Yes, I’ve been to the dog races. About five years ago. It was okay,.. mostly a bunch of fat middle aged imbeciles gambling over which dog would run the fastest. Such a shame to lose this industry.

    5. The dogs aren’t doing what they love if they have to be trained to chase something around a track.

    6. Historical precedent isn’t an argument. “Oh, we’ve had slaves for years. Why should we stop now?”

    7. Your industry had many – MANY – opportunities to reform and instead chose to ignore them and deceit RSPCA inspectors (as shown from your own GRNSW emails… look it up) and to act upon advice. You chose not to. Don’t blame Baird, or is. Blame the people that led you here. Blame the people left in charge to eradicate the bad apples. And promise you’ll do better, promise you’ll change things.

    Because you had your chance to change and you blew it.

    Go stack shelves. See if I care.