Will Knocka Norris Run?

After a that saw the trained sprint to victory and his kennelmate Knocka Norris start favourite in the event; Jason Thompson was called before the stewards to explain the the unplaced favourite's performance in the race.

In what was overheard to a heated discussion with head Glenn Fish, Jason Thompson was heard to question the stewards judgement and experience in “calling him in” to explain the run. On another occassion an offer to “hand my licence in” was made by the trainer.

Stewards requested that Knocka Norris undergo a veterinary examination following the event. It was reported that the greyhound sustained soreness in the left shoulder, and 7 day stand down period was imposed; effectively ruling Knocka Norris out of the Group 1 Maturity Classic Heats to be held at this Saturday 3rd May 2008.

Stewards then further spoke to the trainer of Knocka Norris, Jason Thompson; regarding the greyhounds performance and after a heated conversation, stewards took no further action in the matter.

It is understood from onlookers in the Warrnambool Cup and Classic marquee, that was reserved seating for industry dignitaries and connections of the Warrnambool Cup and Classic dogs; that at one point Jason Thompson made representation to GRV CEO, Mr ; claiming “victimisation” by the stewards.

As of 1:00pm today ( 2nd May) Knocka Norris is still in all the pre post markets for the Group 1 Maturity Classic Heats, and no clearance to race had been received by the GRV.

Knocka Norris's connections have until the close of business today to provide a veterinary certificate verifying the dogs suitability to race to avoid the seven day standown imposed after the Warrnambool Cup race.

, trained by ; is another greyhound still in the pre post markets, who is currently under a 10 day standown following being scratched from Warrnambool Classic Final on Wednesday night.

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